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                nent to every contest. Even more than this, having the adequate amount of judges is an essential element to each SCA competi- tion. Waiting until the last minute can mean there are too few judges. Judges are needed based on the amount of people register- ing and if there are a bunch who waited until the very last minute, then as great as our judges are, this can put them in a bind. Help your score by registering early.
Order Steaks
Finally, it takes steaks and lots of them. As you know every cook receives two steaks, a practice steak, and a turn-in steak. So, the last person has choices, the promoter, per SCA rules needs to have at least 10 more than needed. Many promoters will special order the steaks which takes time and costs money to ensure there’s enough for every cook. When you register as soon as you know you’re going to cook and not waiting until the last minute, then the promoters can guarantee a great steak selection for everyone.
Event Spotlight
When we think about contests, its nothing to hear about them in throughout the south and Midwest. Texas, where it all began, has many. But when you hear about one in California, you sit up and take notice. This is beginning to happen more often, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. In Dixon, CA September 26, promoter Tim Anderson, is not only bringing in the OG, Brett Gallaway as the rep but has it set up where the winner will receive $2000. This will make this contest one of the highest paying, mak-
ing it a little more enticing. Get signed up soon because space is limited.
Business Partner
Partners in this business is essential and we appreciate each one who has helped us make the SCA the success it is. Especially now, when the world of food sport is seemingly in turmoil, our partners have weathered it with us. This is why, each month we give a shout-out to one and this month it’s the National BBQ News. Kell along with his team go above and beyond to make sure our BBQ world receives the latest news, recipes, and contests. From early on, they have been a partner with us. Every member of the SCA receives a digital copy of the BBQ News for which we are so grate- ful. Thank you, BBQ News, for being a great partner and friend of the SCA.
ACE Hardware Points Chase
WOW! What a difference a month makes and this month there has been some changes. The top 10 showed a little shuffling around with Layne Holmes and Ben Blanton switching spots. This may be a battle to keep an eye on as each seek to catch Sandy Brown. She continues to stretch out her lead with 40 points over Layne. We have a new cook jumping into the mix with Mike Knight cracking this elite list but tied with Andy Williams. The ACE Hardware points race continues to be exciting as we lead up to December’s Winter Wonderland end of season contest in Gra- ham, TX.
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