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  The first Saturday of August 2020 brought backyard barbecue to the B-Dale club in Roseville, MN. This Minnesota T.O.Y. (team of the year) competition brought out a strong field of 20 backyard barbecue teams to put their best rubs forward and prepare competition- worthy pork ribs and chicken.
By Craig Grefe
there wasn’t an active parks and recreation department in Ro- seville. Over the decades, the B-Dale club has grown to 250 members and has been involved in pro- viding scholarships for students to attend school and construct- ing things such as ball diamonds, warming houses, and play- grounds. The B-Dale club doesn’t only sup- port local sports, the
Bring on the BBQ
at B-Dale
B-Dale Club
The year marked the
8th annual backyard barbecue event at B-Dale club. The event has been bringing barbecue teams and local barbecue lovers together one Saturday a year since 2012. What started as a small cook-off has grown into a qualifier for the Minnesota Barbeque Society backyard team of the year contest. The B-Dale competition is organized by Beth and Dan Salzl, of Roseville, MN. Dan currently serves on the board of the club.
club is very much involved in providing a gathering place for various social events and other public gatherings. The club is not affiliated with any state or national clubs, it is fully funded by its members $24.00 per year membership fee, its liquor and food sales, fundraisers like the barbecue competition, and pull tab sales. The club hasn’t changed all that much over the years. One of the bigger changes to take
 The B-Dale club is nes- tled in the side of a hill in Roseville, MN, near the intersection of County Road B and, you guessed it, Dale Street. This nonprofit club was founded in 1961 by neighborhood residents wanting to support more local ac- tivities. At the time
place was not allowing the members to make $2/month installment payments for their membership. I guess the club decided there wasn’t much need for this any longer. It is es- timated the B-Dale club has provided $3.5M in funds back to the community since its inception. - 24
Teams competeing at B-Dale Competition

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