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  Smokey GQ’s
Beth and Dan Salzl are long time, seasoned barbecue judges and barbecue enthusiasts. They are both KCBS mas- ter judges and each has 70 judging events from 14 different states in their log. In addition to
judging KCBS competitions, they
have also judged at the World Food
event and 39 SCA cook-offs.
When I asked Beth and Dan why they put on this competition, I re- ceived answers at lightning speed. “Honestly, it’s the people”, Dan said. “It’s like telling a bunch of 5th graders they get to have recess all day”. Beth was just as quick to respond with “giving back to the community”.
St Paul Vulcans
event each year. Troy said “For this year, it was just great to see everyone after waiting so long to start the season. We also enjoy the Vulcans coming out”. The St. Paul Vulcans
are a community organization sup- porting the city of St. Paul and the St. Paul Winter Carnival. The 2020 Grand Champs, Ugly Baby BBQ (Garry and Connie Edwards of Houston, MN) said, “I thought this was a well-run event and look for- ward to cooking at the contest next year. The best part was hang- ing out with BBQ friends”.
The backyard teams that attend the B-Dale contest are pretty laid back. But, while wandering around the event it became apparent to me the overall draw for this event is the sense of community. A sense of community between the barbe-
 This year’s event looked different,
for the 20 competition teams, from
previous years due to Covid-19 re-
strictions. In previous years, the event served up ribs to the public for a small fee. These funds, along with a portion of entry fees, bar tabs, food sales, and pull tab profits are dis- tributed back into the Roseville community via donations. Last year, the funds raised were
given to the City of Roseville for a picnic shelter. The funds raised this year will be donated to those need- ing assistance with their hardships brought on by Covid-19.
For cooks, the B-Dale barbecue com- petition fills up fast every year. The contest is really well run and draws some really good backyard teams to compete against. I asked Pittie Q BBQ (Troy and Jen Canfield of Farm- ington, MN) why they attend this
Dan and Beth Salzl
 Pitmaster at work
cue teams. A sense of community with the public attend- ing. This event really is a great day of giving back and celebrating barbecue.
So next year, on August 7th, 2021, if you find yourself in Roseville, MN on vacation, or better yet, wish to par- ticipate in a great cook off, please stop by and show your support for barbecue and the B-Dale club. But don’t forget, the spaces for cook teams fill up pretty fast, so don’t snooze.
The B-Dale 2020 winners:
Ugly Baby BBQ - Grand Champions Magnum P.I.G. - 1st place ribs
Ugly Baby BBQ - 1st place chicken
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