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The mission of the California Barbecue Association is to teach, enjoy, preserve, and promote barbeque as a true American food. To help vari- ous children’s charities in California by conducting barbecue events throughout the state of California.
Board of Directors
Craig Yeszin, Kevin Barteaux,Scott Simpson, Thomas Gearhart, Kyle Casazza, Sylvie Curry, Jerry Aguilar, Steph Franklin
Stephan Franklin, VICE PRESIDENT
Ed Williams, Treasurer
Jim Kirchner SECRETARY
Jerry Aguilar,
Non-BoD Appointees
Eric Gorham, MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR Marcia Montgomery, Business Membership
Tracy Allen, SMOKIN’ TIMES EDITOR Kathleen McIntosh,
         CBBQA Yearly Membership
Regular Membership..................$36.00 Business Membership..$75.00
Howdy BBQ Enthusiasts,
I am happy to announce that we have a glimpse of hope remaining this season with the Throwdown in the Vineyard competition in Mur- phys, CA October 17th; Let’s keep our fingers crossed!
After considered deliberation, the board of directors have made the dif- ficult decision to cancel the 2020 Team of the Year program. However, points earned in ToY-approved events in 2020 that have already oc- curred can apply toward the 2021 Team of the Year program so long as teams are members in good stand- ing as of September 1, 2020. If any additional ToY-approved events occur in 2020, any points earned in those events can apply toward the 2021 program so long as teams are members in good standing at the time of those events. Teams who were eligible for Rookie of the Year in 2020 will remain eligible for Rookie of the Year in the 2021 pro- gram.
While we do not know what the fu- ture holds, our current plan is for the 2021 season to include ToY eli- gible contests from this calendar year through December 31, 2021. Despite the longer season, we do not
By Steph Franklin CBBQA President
currently plan on changing Rule 4.2.2 (“When a team scores points in more than 5 events, only the top five scores will be used and the low score(s) will be dropped.”). Consis- tent with Rule 6.1, we will evaluate whether further changes are needed during our annual rules review.
Well that is all for this month!
 Cheers, Steph - 36
Steph Franklin

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