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good on everything. When you hear people love the product and are having similar success, it means the world to me.
What do you like about cooking in the SCA?
It’s a family. The people are welcoming and helpful. Our family was overcoming some major hardships. People have been kind to me but been so good to my wife. The people we have met have been a great encouragement.
“The Flavor Blast” Comeback PitGrit by Pit O’ Heaven’s PitGrit Seasonings
– Developed by William Mann
PitGrit Seasonings in April recently ruled the day at The Shed Event in Ocean Springs, MS. Bill Mann got a call with his New York Strip. His “PitGrit Posse” got calls in STEAK A & B, Ancillaries, and the Kids Porkchop. While this seasoning performed well while it was in test- ing stage, it has become even more popular since becoming commercially available a few weeks ago.
Wins of Note:
2 SCA wins
23 SCA Top Ten’s
Several Ancillary walks
1 BBQ Grand Championship 3 BBQ category wins
The wins above reflect those who gave credit to Comeback Pit Grit as of the time of interview on March 31st. If you add in the wins for The Shed, these numbers grow.
How would you describe your primary flavors?
I wanted to design a blend that would be a good finisher for my competition steak process. In doing so, I captured all the tastes that you expect in a finishing butter or sauce. The Comeback has a distinct buttery, garlicky, oniony and savory balance that works great on all proteins as well as all veggies, popcorn, eggs and on and on...... one of the real surprises of the recipe is that it makes a a great pan sauce for pasta’s, seafoods and great addition to breads. I use it on/in my pizza doughs that are baked on my wood fired pizza oven.
What motivated you to sell your seasoning commercially?
I have been blending my own seasonings since the late 90’s BBQ days. I had often thought about it, but, the co-packing opportuni- ties were not as available as they are today. After getting intensely involved with the SCA, I started to re-think it. I took me three al- most 3 years to make the decision to blend and sell our seasoning recipes. The time, the platform and the co-packing opportunities were perfect to introduce our blends. Shane and Lawson Linn at Townsend Spice and Supply blends our recipes and they do an awesome job for us. We plan to add 3 more seasonings (total of 6) in 2021.
What do you like most about cooking on the SCA circuit?
I am highly competitive, and I love the competition, but, the fel- lowship aka #scafamily is the most important blessing to me. I
have met so many awesome people from all over the world. In the SCA family, we play together, pray together, cry together and mourn together. It’s a special blended family from all walks of life from all over the world.
How does it feel when someone gives your seasoning a shout out?
It has been the so awesome to see folks win and walk with our products. To know that they find joy, excitement and happiness due to the assistance of our products is priceless. I have had mes- sages and calls where folks are so thankful and emotional of their success using our products. It’s been very humbling and uplifting to me. I don’t think that their excitement will ever get old to wit- ness!!
Beauty and The Beef Rub by Steak Princess BBQ
- Developed by Rylee Wright
You may have heard of Steak Princess Rubs, especially after she dominated the Loblolly Farms Down South Grill Fest in Semmes, AL last Fall. Rylee walked away with first place wins in both the Ladies Que and Steak B. Winning two contests in the same day is al- most unheard of, doing it in your early teens is remarkable.
Rylee has graced the cover of this magazine and her seasonings have been included in recipes shared. It is hard to believe these sea-
sonings have just been out since October, 2020.
Rylee has put in the work, traveling for years with her parents to compete in competitive cooking. She takes on any challenge, win- ning the mini-pot ancillary at Sweet Swine O’Mine Distributing and then learning to cook a whole hog the next day.
She also is the type of person you want to cheer for, friendly, re- spectful, and eager to continue picking up new skills.
Wins of Note for Steak Princess: 3 SCA Steak Wins
Numerous SCA top tens
Several Top Tens in BBQ
1st Place Ribs at the Shed Golden Ticket Ancillary SCA
How would you describe your primary flavors?
It has a really good beef flavor with a slight pop at the end. When I started making it, I was leaning more towards a brisket rub to en- hance the beef flavor of the brisket. We found it’s good on just about everything.
What inspired you to start selling your seasoning commercially?
I was challenged to come up with a line of rubs. So, when school ended due to COVID, I sat down and started working on recipes.
What do you like most about cooking in the SCA?
The people I get to meet!!!
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