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How I Won A Virtual
Barbecue Competition
 These days, we are all are doing things differently due to the pandemic. Live cooking competitions have been on hold for obvious reasons. Video con- ferencing has become a way to stay connected to family, friends, and co-workers. A virtual cooking competition? I was skeptical at first, but it was a blast! I belong to the Northeast Barbecue Soci- ety (NEBS). Recently, it hosted a Chopped-style barbecue competition on Zoom.
There were seven enthusiastic teams participating in the initial Zoom meeting. They had cool team names, and I could tell some of them knew each other from competing at live events. Was I out of my league?
Each team had a day to come up with a plan for four basket ingre- dients that were revealed via email—ground turkey, cantaloupe,
By: Stephen Nestor
cornflakes, and a chocolate rabbit. The judges were introduced (four were certified Kansas City Barbecue Society judges) and they verified that the mandatory basket ingredients had not been al- tered. Teams then had 45 minutes to make an ap- petizer, entrée, or a dessert.
I recruited my wife, Karen, to help me since I didn’t think I could complete everything in the al- lotted time by myself.
Our goal was to create a Southwestern Pub Burger with a grilled cantaloupe salsa and a cantaloupe and grilled jalapeño-infused margarita. I wanted to use the basket in as many ways as possible and
put as many ingredients as I could on the grill since NEBS is a bar- becue group. - 30
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