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bbq florida
  Dana “big papa” Hillis
BBQ From Florida
There may not be a way to make people happier then feed- ing them fresh off the grill BBQ. The look on their face when they bite into a perfectly cooked rib or take a bite of a fresh slice of brisket is priceless!
I just had a barbecue dinner which included Janet’s home- made pasta salad, smoked BBQ chicken leg quarters, Big Papa’s baked beans and parmesan corn. It was delicious!
We just returned from feeding the Suncoast Foundation group which hosted a fundraising dinner for their organi- zation. We were proud to be a part of this event and will al- ways do what we can to help this awesome group and everyone whom they support. Don Fisher came to me sev- eral years back and talked about starting a BBQ and blues festival to support the Suncoast Foundation for handi- capped children. This turned into one of the premier events on the entire BBQ circuit. Don Fisher has shown hard work and dedication to all they support. I have never seen a more hard-working group of volunteers and because of all this work the event has turned into a big family reunion for us to come back to Venice and celebrate all they do!
One of my dear friends, Kelly Oliver, is a dedicated member of the Suncoast Foundation and I look forward to seeing her whenever we are in Venice. Kelly owns the British Open
Pub and it is always a blast bringing new friends (and old friends) to visit her restaurant. We always enjoy great food, drinks, and atmosphere while hanging out there. Her staff is friendly, professional, and fun to be around.
The Pub is located on Jacaranda Blvd. in the Publix Shop- ping plaza there in Venice and it’s just a couple minutes off I-75. You have to stop in because it is my all-time favorite place to eat. I am a fan of - 32
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bbq from florida
good food and I have never been disappointed here. The Czech cheese is one of my favorite appe- tizers. It’s a deep-fried battered provolone cheese with a home-made tarter sauce that is crazy good. The meatloaf is worth the trip, the bangers and mash is also off the chart good. Janet gets the shepherd’s pie everytime we go. I recom- mend you go hungry and get the fish and chips. By far the freshest, crunchi- est breading, and best fish you can get.
This place gets even bet- ter too. Our nightcap in- cluded a smoked bourbon shot (imagine a BBQ guy and smoked bourbon) that was incredible. They have a cool technique of smoking a cherry, orange slice and the bourbon on that day was a Double Oak Woodford that smelled amazing. Kelly
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