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 has 100 bourbons on her amazing bar. She even puts on bourbon tastings and other really cool events there also. Small restaurants have faced tough times this past year and this place deserves to do well. I promise you if you stop in you will make it a must stop destination and not be disappointed!
We were in Grant, FL for
their BBQ festival for the
first time in two years and
was proud to be a part of
raising funds, for Christ-
mas presents, for needy
kids. Timmy Vee puts his
heart and soul into raising
funds to put smiles on the
faces of these kids and we
are proud to be a part of it.
We had beautiful weather for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday started off well too but a cross between a hurricane, tor- nado, and a tsunami hit us around noon and washed out the rest of the day. Timmy had some great music all week- end but the Fleetwood Mac tribute band got washed out. We recovered flags from parking lot and didn’t loose any canopies due to some brave folks who held the corners of our tents down. I was most thankful for them riding out the weather like a PBR bull!
We cooked a whole load of chicken leg quarters on the Ole Hickory Pit and I don’t think anything smells that good or looks that pretty! We had about 340 pieces and it sure made everyone
want to take pic- tures!
My neighbor Todd cooked at Mul- berry, FL event and had a blast while also getting sev- eral calls. If this young man could cook more events then he would have to build a big shop to keep his trophies. Todd and his wife Chelsea just added a new trophy to their collection. Chase
MAY 2021
Robert Bender was born on April 1st and everyone is doing well. I have talked about Chelsea before be- cause she makes the best banana pudding I have ever eaten and has actu- ally won awards for desert at several BBQ events. They also have a seven year-old son named Eas- ton who catches big snakes in the wild. The kid has no fear and I love to hear his snake catching stories!
My son Cadin has the best in-laws you could ever meet. Lidya and Matt are BBQ food crazy. Matt cooks on cast iron and has a great steak recipe. They come and help us with our
cooking classes and are just fun to be around. We were working an event the other day and Lidya let us know for the first time in her life she ate an egg out of a real chicken. I asked her if she had ever eaten eggs before and she said yes but that was her first real egg. The others were not real eggs they came from a store! We all laughed till we cried!
Hope everyone is healthy and stays that way! Cook people BBQ- it makes them happy!
Dana "Big Papa" Hillis
Big Papa and Dave Moros with 340 chicken quarters loaded and ready to cook. - 33

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