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 International Women’s Month - Celebrating Women of BBQ Part 2
We thought it wasn’t enough to celebrate the women of BBQ only on Inter- national Women’s Day, March 8th. So we decided to add a few more to the list of great women we’ve all seen at an NBBQA conference and even a BBQ competition from time to time. Just like the last article we did, we chose these women because of their different perspectives when it comes to cooking outside. They are showing all of us that cooking outside isn’t just a man’s world. Fire knows no gender and these
ladies are examples of this each day.
Angela Keevney - Founder and CEO of ROWDYDOW bbQ, a company born from a single family recipe, that has grown into the premier, authentically smoked BBQ meats food company, on a mission to be the #1 selling, globally distributed and favorite American BBQ brand experience, in both food service and retail.
Amy Jungk - Executive Vice President of Corporate Strat- egy at Old World Spices & Seasonings
Jess Pryles – I’ve also developed my own line of
unique meat seasonings called Hardcore Carnivore, re- leased a cookbook and designed the JP signature edi- tion smoker. Born and raised in Australia, she found my spiritual home in Austin, Texas, where she now resides.
to share with the rest of the BBQ lovin’ world was a natural fit.
AJ: Growing up in Kansas City, BBQ has always been a constant in my life. Attending the American Royal Barbecue was something I was excited for every year. But I was an adult, joining my father in the spice business, when I was exposed to the fine art of competition bbq. It was meeting the pit
masters, seeing their passion for their craft, and their willingness to share this passion with me, that got me hooked. Today, these same pit masters are now my BBQ family. I have been welcomed into their homes, met their families, learned about their bbq dreams, and part- nered with them to develop their brands.
JP: The biggest motivator is of course the flavor! A char- coal grilled steak simply can’t be beat. There’s also something wonderful about the primal and analogue nature of wood fired BBQ and grilling.
RL: I think of grilling as the ultimate stress reliever- I like to call it my “grill therapy”. There is something so in- nately human about grilling- we’ve been doing it for thousands of years, and yet every time you start a fire it feels magical. In a time when things are so crazy and the world is divided on various issues, I think the one thing we can all agree on is that cooking over a fire is some- thing we can all enjoy. And with the tyrannical lock- across the world, I see the backyard as being a place of
 Robyn Lindars - has appeared on The Today Show, The
First Chopped Grillmasters on Food Network (August 2013), The Cooking Channel’s Foodography, the Travel Channel’s “American Grilled” and love doing local and national live grilling segments!
NBBQA: Why do you love BBQ/Grilling so much? What’s the appeal?
AK: My Dad’s BBQ! Being from VA, I grew up and around my Dad’s love of making BBQ that everyone loved and always asked for. I feel so lucky that when I decided to start my own business, the idea to make my Dad’s BBQ
downs happening
solace for many, the one last thing people can enjoy before the govern- ment tries to take it away. - 34
Amy Jungk
NBBQA: Do you see being a woman in what is traditionally seen as a man’s world to be difficult, easier or the same as a guy?
AK: It’s been both. At times, and depending on the scenario, it’s been both easier and more difficult along the way. Besides being in the BBQ world,
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