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You will be hard pressed to find anything that compares to the challenge of grilling di- rectly on or over a hot bed of coals. Over the years I have found myself getting better at using this technique but have come to realize I will never truly master this artisan style of cooking.
The art of live fire cooking in a direct mode is like a two edged sword for me. It can also teach you one of life’s
most important lessons as well (every decision you make will have a consequence). This two edged sword has a rewarding edge if you make all the correct decisions with your cook. I can
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honestly say some of my best pork ribs, rib-eye steak, and baked potatoes have come from being directly kissed from the flame of a hot fire. The other edge of this sword will cut really hard and deep if you make the wrong decisions. I can sadly testify that I have lost beautiful cuts of meat to the fire while being totally em- barrassed as on lookers shook their heads while mumbling “I knew that was going to happen”!
The cover shot this month came from the awesome camera lens of Daren Proctor. The pork chop he was cooking was made pretty on the top side by GrillGrate on his 19 year old Big Green Egg but the back side was totally barked up by flames shooting up from the B&B Hickory Lump charcoal.
Just a week earlier I experimented with my steak entries for the SCA event that was hosted by The Shed BBQ and Blues joint in Ocean Springs, MS. The photos show pretty much the same exact process, but I was using straight pecan chunks that had been burnt down to coals as by searing heat source. The other side was finished up on a grill using GrillGrates to make the con- trolled sear diamonds.
If you are curious about doing this too you can learn more by searching the internet for a Buffalo Tro. Enjoy and would love to hear your experiences while cooking directly over a live fire!
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