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product review Smokin’ Ugly TM System Can Transform Drums To
Outdoor Culinary Center
  Ben Que’n
Product Reviews
 55-gallon steel drums have been bar- becuing and grilling meat since their inception in 1905 when Henry Wehrhahn received patents for the unit. Most of the first drums to be transformed into grills were dam- aged or unusable units that were cut in half to create two separate flat grills. Today the drum smoker has become one of the most used BBQ and grilling devices in the back yard.
Weber Knapp has just introduced an
entire line of accessories that trans-
form any standard 55-gallon drum
into a true outdoor culinary center.
This line of drum enhancements is
designed to assist in giving users a
better grilling/smoking experience
regardless of their skill level. The Smokin’ Ugly system can give anyone the opportunity to cook on the best drum smoker being produced today.
The Smokin’ Ugly system includes all do-it-yourself acces- sories so anyone is able to customize their drums to their
cooking preference. Each of these ac- cessory systems is sold separately as well. The different systems available are spring assist hinges, latch han- dles, charcoal replenish system, in- take and exhaust vents, utensil holding hooks, grill rack, and griddle. They also have an entire pizza oven kit that is fantastic.
Weber Knapp has been a leader in motion control design and imple- mentation since the 1950s. All that time and experience has allowed them to pioneer a major advance in kinematic motion control called Vec- tis Technology. This technology is used on their drum lid opening and latch system. We installed this sys-
tem on our test drum and was impressed at how simple the system was to install. Even better was the seamless opera- tion of our new lid system.
The entire combination of these systems all working to- gether have made our drum a super outdoor cooking device - 32
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