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 but the pizza oven addition made this drum become almost unbelievable. We used it to custom make pizzas for our mothers and wives on Mother’s Day and ended up with sev- eral happy ladies from the results. This system makes our drum the most versatile outdoor cooker that we have ever had.
After using the drum with all of the different systems we have yet to find one thing that could be changed to im- prove upon the design or install process that is given to help you make use of these systems. Even the charcoal door in the middle of the cooker came with a rope gasket to pre- vent air leaks. We tested this by making sure the cooker would shut down once we closed up both the intake and ex- haust on the grill. It worked perfectly the first time without any needed adjustments.
In closing we would recommend any systems of the Smokin’ Ugly line. We also think these accessories are going to give an opportunity for a lot of backyard guys to take a serious step toward improving their BBQ and grilling game. Weber Knapp is currently looking for vendors and distributors to carry this very unique line of accessories that is sure to be a hit with backyard cooks. You can find more info and demos on these systems at their website
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