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     R. Kell Phelps
Any BBQ or grilling time with family is great, but the once a year day that we pay special tribute to our fathers is prob- ably one of my personal fa- vorite days of the year. My father, “Papa” Joe Phelps, started lighting my barbecue fires at an early age. The memories of learning how to manage a fire inside a grill and understanding which spices always work well on certain proteins are priceless to me. Those lessons learned mean more to me now since
my dad’s passing back in 2013.
Father’s Day today gives me an opportunity to pass down those lessons learned to my kids as I am hopefully getting
their BBQ and grilling fires lit as well. It’s always fun seeing them use the knowledge that you have shared with them. Their heads are a little softer then mine, so they don’t make as many mistakes as I did when I was getting started.
I was the one trying to “change the BBQ world” with some off the wall mixture of spices or sauces that most of the time were not intended for protein I was cooking. A great of example of this was my first attempt at cooking a brisket and using the same “re- ally sweet” spices and techniques that I had success with while cooking a pork shoulder. The result of my poor decision: our dog Spot decided he wasn’t going to try and stomach my failure ei- ther! One of the greatest lessons I have ever learned came from this exact failure...and that lesson learned was to know that every decision you make will have a consequence. Also know that some spices just are not meant for certain proteins.
This year I want to wish you and yours the best Father’s Day ever. I also hope your fires burn at the perfect temperature you desire and the food you serve up is the best ever. Here is also hoping that every decision you make will have a smokin’ consequence.
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JUNE 2021
Until Next Month...Keep It Smokin'
Kell and Crew

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