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Meat &
Greet BBQ
 Ben Arnot
BBQ Podcast Guru
  It’s no secret that time waits for no man. Or woman. Already we are seeing the ‘old guard’ of competi- tion BBQ retiring and their places are being filled by the ‘next gener- ation’ of pitmasters. Secrets and knowledge are being passed down and we’re seeing them coming back in a new form with each suc- cessive generation adding their own twists and variations. So it should come as no surprise that we are now seeing the same thing happening in the world of BBQ Podcasts.
One such example of the ‘new gen-
eration’ of BBQ podcasts is the
Meat & Great BBQ Podcast, based
out of sunny London. The hosts, Owen and Dan are a pair of Generation Z BBQ lovers who brave the English outdoors to fire up their grills at every opportunity and then love to get together and chat about it on their podcast.
Their youthful exuber- ance for BBQ shows through in their show. The lads are well across all of the social media platforms, referencing various pictures, posts and videos they’ve seen on Facebook, Insta- gram, YouTube and even TikTok. Further- more, they utilise these platforms to find their guests. These gents are interested in what YOU are cooking and how YOU are doing it. They love to shine a spot-
light on the Mums and Dads in their backyard smoking up a storm for their families.
The Meat & Greet BBQ Podcast is quite an informal show, with a re- laxed, fun feel that really draws the listener in and makes them feel like they are in the room with the lads and their guest. In fact, the show lends itself to the description of more of a chat than an interview at times. That’s not to say that the value is lacking in any way. On the contrary, the lads are firmly com- mitted to learning more about BBQ at every opportunity - either for their listeners or for themselves! They celebrate the BBQ fails as
much as the wins, and they love to hear from real people who are passionate about BBQ and love learning with every cook.
So if you’re looking to be inspired, or redis- cover your passion for BBQ, make sure you check out the Meat & Greet BBQ Podcast - it’s hard not to get swept up in the enthusiasm that Owen and Dan have for the smokey arts. The Meat & Greet BBQ Podcast releases a new episode every week and is available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, and anywhere else you get your pod- casts. - 16
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