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Building The Sport Of Steak Cookoffs!
 We Appreciate Our SCA Reps
Many of our promoters know exactly how to hold an event. They make calls to potential sponsors, secure a location and some even book a band or DJ for entertainment. We all know the steaks must be purchased and stored until needed.
Then there is the actual promotion of the event. Will it be open to the public? That is a whole other list of things to consider when setting up for an SCA cookoff. The last thing a promoter needs or even wants to worry about is the judg- ing. This is where the SCA reps come into play.
The SCA reps sometimes do not receive the accolades at an event like they should. They help the promoter in mak-
ing sure it all runs like a clock. At the end of an event, our reps may feel like an old Timex watch, they’ve taking a licking but keep on ticking. Only to do it all again next week. They take care
of the judges and make sure there are enough of them to get the job done. Many an event owes a great deal of it’s success to the rep they had running it. We have so many SCA reps, that it would be almost impossible to name them all (because I know I would forget one or two). But, to all our SCA reps who are out there each and every weekend making sure these events run as smooth as silk, we want you to know you are appreci- ated. Thank you very much.
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