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 Event Spotlight
One of the best things about many of our promotors are the loca- tions they choose to have a cookoff. They all want to provide you, the steak cook, the best possible experience and Grillin’ on the River Double Steak Cookoff in Sugar Tree, Tennessee is just that. Located in a retreat like community on the Tennessee River. This event will be a double steak cook with appetizers and ribs as the ancillaries. The payouts will be as nice as the view you’re cooking next to. The SCA representative for this will be Danny Kennedy. The promoters will be Allen Smith and Angie Moyers if you have any questions.
Business Partner
No stranger to the competition circuit, be it BBQ or Steak, Komos Q is there. Based out of Tuttle, Oklahoma, Kosmos Q seeks to be the staple of every backyard and kitchen grill master. Kosmos and his crew already sell products in the UK, Switzerland, and all across the United States. They are constantly expanding product line with brilliant new spice mixes, sauces, and injections. With specialized blending techniques in a state-of-the-art packaging facility, they ship around 10k spices alone in a single month. Every product developed by industry leader Kosmos Q goes through vigorous testing. He says, “If it is not good enough for us at Kosmos Q, it's not good enough for you.” We are so happy to have Kosmos Q on board as one of our business partners.
Hassell Ancillary Points Chase
Have you ever seen the ancillaries that have been turned in, espe- cially lately? Everyone is talking about the elevated creativity that is going on in this championship chase, led by Will Collier. Hot on his heels is no stranger to the top spot, Tona Pendray is seeking that World Championship. It is way too early to be calling this a 2- person race to the finish, because Kyle Matuszewski is making sure there is a third person within striking distance. But summer has just begun and the other seven competitors in the Top 10 are making sure this will be a battle to the very end. Lori Davis, Bobby Oliver and the youngest on the list, Rylee Wright are cooking their hearts out to capture the ring at the world championships. How- ever, Craig Carter, in 7th place has the championship in his sight but he isn’t the only one determined to come out on top. 8th place Brandon Cain, 9th place Brian Coleman and 10th place Whitney Hampson won’t make it easy for anyone to win as they have all pictured what that championship ring would look like on their finger.
ACE Hardware Points Chase
The points chase has gotten a little shake up since last month. Marc Siemers, who has been at the top of the list for what seems all of 2021, is now seeing what 2nd place looks like. Rusty Hadacek has taken over the top spot and I am sure the view looks pretty good from there. This could become quite the back-and- forth battle to watch through summer. But you just can’t count out the rest of the Top 10. Scott Nardi, in 3rd, is right on their heels wanting to see the view from the top. In a dead heat, 4th through 7th is almost tied. Jessica Barnes leads the ladies charge to the top with current points champ, Sandy Brown in 6th. In be- tween, is Will Collier, who is trying to work his way up from 5th and Layne Holmes, from 7th will make everyone earn each point they receive as knocks on the door. 8th through 10th, Rod Hadacek, Marty Plute, and Tim Brown are making strong efforts to be at the top of the list by the time summer is over. The points chase is so tight, as we enter into summer, it is still anyone’s championship to win.
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