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 way overdone (I still ate them of course, I’m not a monster). I paid attention to every small detail except one, the time. It turns out I got a bit distracted and basically lost track of time until it was too late. In a nutshell, “the devil is in the details.” You might not think it’s a big deal but the difference between 1st and 2nd place is the details. If you aren’t a detail type person, become one or get some- one who is, especially if moving to the next level is your goal. Warning: To a non-detailed person, a detailed person can become very annoying very quickly but you need to remember (no matter which you are) details matter, so pay attention.
You Are Only Competing Against Yourself
Competitions are so much fun especially when your name is called from the stage. I’ve heard my name on both big and small stages at BBQ competitions both are exciting. However, when I’m in my tent prepping food, my thoughts aren’t on beating the other teams, rather I want to beat my last score, make my food taste better than last time and in doing this I’m my own worst critic. Is that pork the best I can do? Do those burnt ends taste perfect? When it comes to the turn-in box, it has to be exquisite. A chef in a fast moving restaurant is the same way, quality has standards and those standards are yours. When your food leaves your kitchen, if it isn’t your best product, it just doesn’t leave until it is. When you’re in competition with yourself it shows by continually deliver- ing a great product with nothing to be ashamed of, even if your name isn’t called, this time.
You Are Trying to Please the People You Are Serving
A couple years ago BBQ legend, Tuffy Stone from Cool Smoke, said he is totally content with being your family’s second favorite BBQ, your BBQ being their favorite, of course. The point is, he knows who he’s serving. You have to know your audience, which is what I tell young up & coming writers, comics and speakers. You can’t just get out there and do your thing for the sake of doing it, you have to know for whom you’re performing. There’s no difference be- tween performing a bunch of jokes or picking just the right eight ribs that will WOW the judges or even your family. You have to know whom you’re serving.
These 6 steps are the end all for every success book on your shelf. You do these and you’ll succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Ok, maybe that ain’t entirely true, but they’re great steps to integrate
in your life in order to achieve, well, whatever, be it a comedian, chef or a middle school student.
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