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Kim Stanfield,
Chris Clegg, Mike Strout,
Recording Secretary
Anissa Ladd,
679 Washington St.; Unit #8-170; South Attleboro, MA 02703
Vice President
Paul Dahlstrom,
NEBS Board of Directors Michael Strout
Peter Kelleher Jim Morey Craig Kimberley Mike Leger Tom Ryan Mic Stanfield
The Tailgate contest is a two category contest, often chicken and ribs. It's designed to be a low cost contest for casual competitors and backyard cooks that can be com- pleted in a half day.
This is a good entry level contest for competitors that want to explore competition barbecue, and also contest organiz- ers that want to test the waters with a small festival to gauge interest without taking a large financial risk.
Contest spaces are small. 20' x 20' spaces are common, but some Tailgate events have gone as small as 10' x 10'. Com- petitors may work without a tent, or use a small 10' x 10'. It's not common to see RVs and BBQ trailers for this kind of contest. - 28
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