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florida bbq
  Dana “big papa” Hillis
BBQ From Florida
We just finished a class with a great group of people. We even had a couple gentlemen fly in from Chicago to take part. We featured
both Baby Back and
The Baby Backs were cooked using Big Papa All-Purpose and Honeymoon rubs while being finished with grape jelly
 St. Louis ribs dur-
ing this class. Our
crew did a phenom-
enal job on every-
thing we cooked
this weekend. My neighbors Steve
and Dee worked
their tails off and
Steve has mastered
the chicken flip-
pers. We cooked on
a 26 flipper, an 18 flipper and the
newest addition to
our arsenal the 26 chickenstein.
Everyone said these were the best wings ever.
and a few other se- crets that all re- ceived high reviews. We also cooked a smoked sausage dip, crack potatoes and my newest favorite recipe smoked whole cabbage. It turned out incredi- ble and several folks said they never liked cabbage but they loved this version.
Double batch of wings on the chicken flippers
grills, Weber grills, a Big Green Egg and
M Grill. Everyone that wanted to cook their own steaks had a blast learning to cook a near perfect ribeye. To top off the day we cooked up a Dutch oven cherry pineapple dump cakes. The Wolfe Brothers were not here this weekend but Tony would have been proud of the job Steve did on the perfectly cooked desserts! - 8
JULY 2021
Rich and Wendy Eames, from the infamous Uncle Wendy’s BBQ team, always come and help us put on our classes and helped everyone have a fantastic weekend. We got to go to breakfast and enjoyed a visit to Naples favorite unique spot, Seed To Table. This place is loaded with great food, groceries, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Breakfast was fan- tastic as some of the best sausage and bacon I have ever had was served up. We wandered through the whole place which includes one of the best wine selections ever, one of the best Bloody Mary bars I have ever seen and also a
We also featured ribeye steaks and cooked them on PK the new awesome

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