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 dessert and ice cream selection that could ruin any diet. I can’t wait till we can take Rich and Wendy back for a steak and seafood dinner. I had the best steak I have ever eaten at this place. You get to walk thru the meat department, pick out your steak and have it cooked just the way you like it. If you ever make it to Naples this has to be one of your stops. Call us if you can make it because we will go with you!
We will be cooking several SCA steak contests this summer in Georgia and Tennessee and also plan to swing thru Henderson- ville, North Carolina to check on my good friends David and Francine. They lived in Naples for years and have recently left Florida for the Hills of the Car- olinas. I can’t wait to see them as I am going to take Dave a BBQ grill so he can get back to cooking on charcoal again.
I hope everyone survives the high cost of living these days and can keep on cooking and feeding people.
I look forward to running into all my cooking family this sum- mer and please remember to feed people makes them happy! See everyone soon!
Dana"Big Papa" Hillis
We just finished up a big
fundraiser for my good friend
Donny Overholser at Bishop
Verot High School. Some of their
volunteers built some really
cool charcoal grills and we
cooked over 300 steaks to order.
I also brought my Ole Hickory
trailer and cooked 340 ears of
corn and 340 baked potatoes.
Everything went perfect and my
good friend Donny continued
his legacy of feeding people and
generating funds to help with kid’s sports. I will help him anytime he calls! My good friend Paul Thibodeau and a group of hard-working volunteers made this an awesome event!
We have been extremely busy and are booked right up until we leave for our summer vacation. We go to Tennessee, back to the farm where I had so much fun growing up, for our family reunion; the Hillis-Mayfield Dinner on The Ground. This is our 7th annual reunion and we expect a large crowd. This year we are putting on a full-blown BBQ feast. Cecil Shields will be performing his classic country music again and we will have a couple more big-named performers stop by to eat and sing a few songs for us. The Famous Black Betty Boys band will also be performing again this year. No doubt this event will be first class.
Next week I have the honor of cooking a celebration of life for my good friend Jack Sumlin. We lost Jack several weeks ago and I look forward to seeing his lovely wife Rebecca while feeding all their family and friends. Jack and Rebecca came to see us when we were selling BBQ at St. Monica’s Church and they instantly became part of our family. We fed them a lot and they returned the favor as they would have us over for fantastic meals too. I got to go to Ever- glades City for several years and feed Jack and all his fish- ing buddies. Meeting all these guys and feeding them all was so much fun. Jack you will be missed my friend.
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