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 Summer comfort and style
Bubble Blush Croc $179
Brierly- Black crush patent $179
Bunter – Colour Black/Black pony $179
Barnaby – Black/Black pony $229
    Blarney - Teal, white and silver $179
Brierly- Bone crush patent $179
   Tamara London’s exciting new summer range has just dropped
at Moda Bella Merivale. Showcasing a range of contemporary heels, bold colours and timeless designs, there truly is something for every wardrobe.
The luxury is in the details. With Tamara London offering rounded, wooden heels for a natural earthy look, you are sure you get endless wear out of the new range. They’re the perfect accessory that will take you from the office to dinner, to all of your summer events.
Family-owned right here in New Zealand, Moda Bella handpicks brands from all over the world and they ensure that for each season they can provide fashion-forward options to suit everyone in their ever-growing customer base.
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