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  J’aime les macarons began in 2008 as a stall at the Christchurch Farmers Market. While overseas J’aime les macarons founder Bridget spent time travelling through France and came to really appreciate the fabulous French style of eating where there is an emphasis on quality and eating with all five senses. On returning home, she struggled to find the decadent, classic French macarons she enjoyed on her travels, and voilà - J’aime les macarons (I love macarons) was created!
  A busy team create beautiful, creative and inspiring sweet treats using only quality ingredients - that means fresh cream, eggs, butter, seasonal fruits and Belgium chocolate. This year J’aime les macarons are bringing back their much loved Christmas Collection, which consists of three very special macaron flavours
- Champagne, Scorched Almond and Raspberry & Dark Chocolate. They, along with the whole range of macarons, are flavoursome, luxurious and beautiful (as well as gluten-free) making them the perfect gift this Christmas.
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  J’aime les macarons also produce a range of classic and
unique baked treats including truffles, nougat, panforte and are all available from their Merivale Mall store or online at

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