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    Emvólio is at the cutting edge of cold chain solutions with its ability to maintain a stable 2-8 degrees celsius temperature platform for up to 12 hours in the field. Moreover, it offers continuous temperature monitoring, location tracking, state-of-charge indication, and communication of vital statistics with the headquarters via live tracking.The rugged 1.5 litre- capacity cold chamber (as per WHO standards) is designed with dual-layered stainless steel 304 for corrosion resistance and easy sterilization. With Emvólio, Blackfrog Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is able to help build a system where large number of specimens can be collected from the field and transported back to a mother-laboratory without compromising on test accuracy.This project seeks to build a system that separates the point-of-collection of the specimen from the testing facility, while maintaining the integrity of the samples. While awaiting the results, the patient would remain self-quarantined.The entire diagnostic process is done remotely, and for most people who are low-risk and can be safely cared for at home, they need never risk exposure during the entire process of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.
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Delhi-based Start-up SNA Sistec develops Smart Sanitiser
SNA Sistec Pvt Ltd, a Delhi-based start-up under Invest India Initiatives is working in the field of safety security and automation services. It has developed Smart Sanitiser that dispenses 1 ml of sanitizer automatically in the person’s hands when placed under the dispenser.This also gives an accurate body temperature of the user to detect any suspected corona infected person.
SNA Dispenser is a smart non-touch device, with a filling capacity of 500ml/1000ml.With its smart human hand detection system it gives 1ml of sanitizer on hands and displays live body temperature of the person at the downside of the Dispenser.This is a preventive technology and is incubated at B-Nest Smart City Development Corporation in Bhopal. It can be used in hospitals, offices and public spaces. SNA Sistec can produce 2,500 units a day. The estimated price per unit is Rs. 1,800.
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