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Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST), Government of India, is striving continuously for reaching to the common people. Since the eruption of COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry has supported numerous research projects and technology interventions through its various Departments, Autonomous Organisations, Professional Bodies, Statutory Bodies, and Laboratories. In the expedition of science outreach and popularisation, a number of knowledge and information products have been generated and released.
Monthly e-Newsletter ‘STRIDES’ of Department of Science
and Technology (DST)
STRIDES (Science Technology Research Innovations and Developments) - A Department of Science & Technology (DST) Communication e-newsletter has been developed to bring news on S&T Development from DST support and beyond. It brings together articles, news stories, features, blogs and event reports. The Newsletter gives snapshot of the science & technology in India with focus on the activities, achievements & events of DST and its autonomous and attached Institutions. The May 2020 edition of STRIDES is on the pandemic – COVID-19.Through this effort, DST tried to bring to the table its efforts delegated towards research, technology and innovation that one would be interested to know and eventually update on the road to recovery and winning the combat.
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IIT Kharagpur brings out COVID REVIEW
Special Issue
COVID REVIEW Special Issue has featured the work undertaken by various researchers and students at IIT Kharagpur related to COVID-19 healthcare and advisory.
Website link: er-e-newsletter/
                                  Efforts from Science Ministries, Departments & Scientific Organisations

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