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This creation magazine has been designed to bring
                  the real world, and science, in line with what the
                                               Bible says.
           Before we start, this

             is what the word
            "creation" means:
           0  0                                Al I God had to do
                                               was SPEAK, and
                                    0        the EARTH and the
                                             WHOLE UNIVERSE

             The Bible says,                  What came from
           "In the beginning               the command of God?
            God created the                0

                heaven and
                 the earth."             0                                      God created
                Genesis 1 :1                                                     everything,

                                    0                                       including time,
                                  0      0                                        and space,
                                                    and you!                   matter, light,

                                                                                      and love.
                                                                               He gave us a

                                                                          world to live on,
                                                                               food and fun

                                   many                                          and friends.
                                 beautiful                                             What a

                        The beautiful things

                        God made, show us                                               I)  I
                        a little of how much                         a  s o  g
                           He loves beauty.                           HisWo

                                                                       e Bibi
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