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 Showmen’s Guild of Australasia
President’s Report
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Hello to all our Members and Friends in and around our Community.
Our Annual event Think Tank was held in January 2022, but due to COVID uncertainty most attendees cancelled the morning of the event.
Attendance was well down from normal but those that did attend welcomed the smaller, more intimate “Question and Answer format”. So the usual opportunity to meet with Show Societies and work towards their 2022 shows couldn’t happen as we had hoped.
Moving forward we would like to thank all involved for their efforts and hope next year we can get back to normal. Please mark as a tentative date in your calendar for 2023 Think Tank as Tuesday 10 January 2023.
I am happy to advise that most of our traditional family Christmas Carnivals were successful with easing restrictions allowing residents and holiday makers to enjoy, and lots of fun was had by all.
The bigger events, Maitland and Canberra Shows have been successful.
We are getting ready for Newcastle Show; things are looking up for the start of the year with most shows going ahead.
It is disappointing to hear that some of the Shows have cancelled in New South Wales and Queensland due to lack of committee support and committee numbers. This is
a huge loss for their communities, as the Show is such an important part of the social calendar for all ages.
As we put this report together there are monumental floods in New South Wales and Queensland, so as COVID pressure eases, the weather will now be testing us.
Insurance is still a topic of vivid discussion; some Showmen can obtain $20m Public Liability and some cannot justify the outrageous increases, and have chosen not to renew.
We are still talking with the Government and looking for assistance with the mutual fund (DMF) and will keep you all updated as we are informed ourselves.
The office has been inundated with queries and questions about the “The Hon. David Littleproud MP” Membership and rent relief scheme/s.
We don’t have the answers yet but are aware VSG are still working very hard to gain this knowledge and finding the best way forward with this being a “work in progress”.
Looking forward to the rest of 2022 being much bigger and brighter.
Aaron Pink President
  Showmen’s Guild of Australasia Meetings - April 2022
The Locker Room, Level 1, 15 Olympic Boulevard, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127 Executive – Tuesday 5th April 2022 at 6.00pm
General – Wednesday 6th April 2022 at 6.30pm

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