Page 15 - The Outdoor Showman January - March 2022
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 Reg Established 1939
The Showmen’s Guild
of South Australia
 18 Norama Street Tapperoo SA 5017 Mobile: 0418 819 994
Office Bearers 2021 PRESIDENT
Daryl Girdler
Phillip Hamilton
Colleen Leighton
Averil Lynch
Tamara Allen Matt Hamilton
Brad Girdler Alex Hamilton Garry Lynch Wayne Lynch Luke Dankowski Michael Leighton Colin Leighton Stevie Godfrey Heather Lynch Dave Moore
Robert Perry Ivan Venning
Brent Leighton Pauline Allen
Lazarus P Christou
Alan Lynch Bianca Cousins
Hello to all showmen,
show societies and friends
of our industry,
A big hello to all show societies, showmen and friends of our industry.
The pandemic juggernaut just keeps rolling along a new variant has kept us wondering all summer carnival season whether we will be shut down or be able to operate at all, due to ourselves and our staff in some sort of
isolation. Only strict vigilance and blind luck got us through to the end of the school holiday period.
Here in SA we were a little lucky to have dodged the main outbreak of Omicron, and numbers infected were hovering around 4000 per day for a few weeks.
We had our Premier and health officials in the media telling us not to venture out, stay home if you can. It seemed that people were heeding that advice for a brief period and then they still ventured out to have some fun.
The carnivals we traded at here in SA were a bit of a mixed bag, as we lost a few trading days due to bad weather, probably because of the El Nina weather pattern we are enduring this year.
Onto the post-Christmas carnival season, and we are having Shows cancelled on a daily basis, which doesn’t make a lot of sense as we are told that this variant is not as severe but more contagious. Seriously, it’s time to get on with life and live with the scourge virus as best we can, and vaccination is
the only way forward so we are told. The whole community has had ample opportunity to get the jab, still I’m glad everyone can make their own choice to a degree.
Easter will be upon us very soon and there will not be any Shows, so most members will be relying on carnivals, small events such as school fetes. Some will trade at the Fringe Festival.
The insurance crisis seems to be abating to the point, where at least insurance is being offered at an inflated price. But as I said at least there is insurance.
The mooted DMF is still on the far horizon, if it comes to fruition at all. So sign up when you get the offer from your broker for coverage and don’t wait for the DMF.
In closing, I wish one and all safe prosperous trading regards
Daryl. C. Girdler President

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