Page 13 - The Outdoor Showman APR-JUN 2019
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  The Show’s cattle yards will again be filled with some of the best stud and commercial cattle that the Territory has to offer. With stud Brahman cattle coming up from past winners Taminmin College and the Katherine Rural College, as well as from Alice Springs, all vying for the Supreme Champion trophy.
The small livestock pavilion will exhibit primarily chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and goats.Poultry is one of the original show categories from 1951 with hundreds of entries each year, including imported breeds which are often the result of years of selective breeding.
The Show’s popular baby animal nursery includes lots of furry and feathered friends for the kiddies to pat and feed, and the Cat Pavilion
will again be displaying an interesting array of unusual breeds of cats as well domestic and companion cats.
The Championship Dog Show and Trials are always a big draw card, and will again have representation from every state and Territory, where junior and adult handlers compete on the same level.There’s also the exciting agility and obedience competitions and the challenging RallyO orienteering course with dog and handler.
The Royal Darwin Show is again looking forward to bringing some showtime fun to the children’s ward
of the Royal Darwin Hospital, with a special visit by a puppet character from Dinkum Dinosaurs, and show bags
and soft toys generously donated by Showbag Carousel and members of the Showmen’s Guild.
To find us, or for more information go to
      Above: Aboriginal spearthrowers and dancers; Bandstand; RASNT Past President.
Left: Showride; Crafts; Prospector display; GC_Piggys; Main arena side.

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