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   Forthcoming Meetings
Executive Committee
Thursday 27 June 2019
Executive Committee
Tuesday 24 September 2019
General Meeting
Thursday 10 October 2019 from 1.00pm
Executive Committee
Thursday 7 November 2019
Annual General Meeting
Thursday 28 November 2019
Office Hours
Monday – Thursday 9.00am – 4.00pm
Should the office be unattended, please leave a recorded message.
Election of Office Bearers
The proposed timetable for the Election of Office Bearers for the Committee of Management “The Executive” 2019 is as follows:
Nominations Open Nominations Close Ballot Opens Ballot Closes
Monday 3 June 2019
Friday 20 September 2019, 12 noon Friday 11 October 2019
Thursday 7 November 2019, 10am
 Nomination forms will be sent to all financial Members by the Australian Electoral Commission.
Members, please ensure that the VSG office has your correct mailing address to avoid any delays.
Nomination forms will also be available in June from the VSG and SGA offices therefore, if it is your intention to nominate for the Committee of Management, nominations will close on Friday 20 September 2019 at 12 noon.
It is now time to consider your nomination to the Committee.
Advertising and Copy Deadlines
The Victorian Showmen’s Guild
Important Notices for 2020
Guild Members Annual Subscription/Fees
All Guild Members are required to renew their Guild Membership fees no later that 31 January 2020. Late fees are payable after this date.
If any membership fees and late fees remain outstanding as in accordance to the rules your Guild Membership will be automatically cancelled.
Please contact Justine at the VSG Office immediately if you have a concern over payment.
The Outdoor Showman Subscribers
Subscription fees for The Outdoor Showman Magazine for 2020 are due for payment by 31 January 2020. Subscription fees are $99.00 (inc GST) for Australian subscribers and $A135.00 for Overseas subscribers, covering four issues per annum circulated in the months of March, June, September and December.
To avoid any delays in receiving future editions of the magazine, please ensure payment is made prior to 31 January 2020. A renewal notice will be enclosed in the October – December edition of the Outdoor Showman.
Change of Address
It is important that both Guild Members and subscribers to The Outdoor Showman magazine notify the VSG Office as soon as possible of a change of address. A space is provided in the mailing label.
Important - Payments to the VSG & TOS
The ANZ Bank requires all payments (cheque or money order) to ‘The Victorian Showmen’s Guild’ and/or ‘The Outdoor Showman magazine’ be made payable to the legal entity name of:
‘The Victorian Showmen’s Guild’ only.
There must be no ‘abbreviations’ like VSG or TOS or The Outdoor Showman.
Your co-operation to the ANZ Bank requirement is requested to ensure our lodgement of deposits will be accepted and not returned to the client in future.
Payment Options
Guild Member fees, subscriptions and advertising fees to
The Outdoor Showman can be paid by Visa or Mastercard. Cheque or money order made out to ‘The Victorian Showmen’s Guild’ may be sent to PO Box 36, Ascot Vale VIC 3032.
 July - September October - December January - March April - June
1 August 2019 29 October 2019 5 February 2020 7 May 2020
  Articles and letters are most welcome and can be addressed to the Editor for consideration of publication and on the provision that space is available. Letters to the Editor are to be concise and contain no more that 300 words.

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