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 Show Circuit Information
The Victorian Showmen’s Guild and the Victorian Agricultural Shows Ltd have agreed that the following lines be banned at agricultural shows as it is our view and aim to protect and attract families to the local shows.
• Explicit and hardcore t-shirts
• Explicit DVD’s and videos
• Fake cigarettes
• Fuel type fire lighters (Zippo)
• Iridescent hair spray
• Trumpets
• Knives (including pen knives)
• Metal and wooden martial art nunchucks
• Laser pen lights and/or laser toys
• Playing cards (nude or lewd)
• Pressure Pak fart gas
• Pressure Pak snow
• Pressure Pak silly string
• Drug related goods (including cocaine kits, bongs etc.)
• Stink bombs
• Water pistols longer than 150mm
• Water bombs
Toy guns are acceptable however the following are not permitted:
• Pellet guns
• Ball bearing guns
• Replica guns (bullet type)
• Pop downs (throw downs)
• 8 shot caps (caps only banned) • Strip caps (caps only banned)
• Roll caps (caps only banned)
• Fireworks or crackers
 Insurance Cover and Occupational Health
and Safety Documentation
All Victorian showmen must have the following documentation and certificates before operating rides and amusement devices at country agricultural shows/events: 1. Insurance Policy Cover
An original or photocopy of current public liability policy or certificate of currency for a minimum indemnity cover of $20 million for rides; $10 million for canteens and $10 million for games.
These requirements are in accordance to the VSG / VAS Ltd agreement.
Additional indemnity cover amounts may be required at major shows/events particularly capital Royal Shows.
2. Registration and Certifications
a. Registration with the WorkCover Authority (where applicable)
b. Certification by structural and electrical engineers (where applicable)
c. Hazard and risk identification as per WorkCover Authority regulations
(where applicable)
d. Maintenance of an Operations Log Book as per Australian Standards, AS3533 (where applicable)
 Showmen Please Note Policy Indemnity
The Victorian Showmen’s Guild will not accept any public risk policy that
does not indemnify The Victorian Showmen’s Guild and its officers in respect of any claims arising from the operations of the name insured. Showmen planning to work in the Victorian run of shows during 2018 and 2019 must ensure their insurance provider adds this clause to their cover notes to avoid refusal to operate. Your policy should also define any other interested parties (i.e. any local government authority, incorporated show society).
 Food Traders Information
All food traders must be registered with a local Victorian Council and submit a ‘Statement of Trade’ to other Councils in Victoria before trading in that area. Traders that are coming from interstate, must register with the local Council of their first event in Victoria and then submit a’ Statement of Trade’ to each other Council. Councils will charge for the first registration; however there will be no fee for a ‘Statement of Trade’.
What this means for you: Victorian Based Traders:
If you are Victorian based mobile food van, you will have a registration for your home address, this covers you state-wide, BUT you must still lodge a statement of trade for trading outside of your local council. This is to be submitted 5 days before the Show. Interstate Traders:
1. If say, Shepparton is your first show
in Victoria, you will be required to register with the Greater Shepparton City Council before trading.
For Greater Shepparton City Council registration you will need:
Class 2- $232.50
• Food Safety Program
• Food Safety Supervisor
• An Inspection before registration and
trading. The food premises must comply
with the Food Act and Food Standards Code
Class 3- $168.75
• Minimum records
• An Inspection before registration
and trading. The food premises must comply with the Food Act and Food Standards Code
Showmen and Agricultural Shows working together...

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