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Smile sh Swim School Lessons Russ Marsh
Smilefish SwimSchool
Swimming is a life skill that every child needs to acquire.
Our Castle Rock program is divided into
three basic levels: Beginners, Advanced
& Swimmers. Each level is broken down
into tiers designed to bring the swimmers
along at a comfortable yet productive pace.
The ultimate goal of our program is to
teach the skills needed to join and excel
on a swim team. If that is not the goal of
the skills will simply make them very skilled in the water. Skills that could quite easily someday save their life.
Our classes meet once a week. This allows you to  nd a day & time that  ts in your schedule. This will allow you to stay with it for as long as you like.
Email us at Smile and we’ll send you the options available..
Smilefish wants to be your neighbor- hood swim school.
the swimmer then
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