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247 10. EMPHASIS OF TITLE. The competent leader requires no "title" to give
248 him the respect of his followers. The man who makes too much over his title
249 generally has little else to emphasize. The doors to the office of the real leader
250 are open to all who wish to enter, and his working quarters are free from
251 formality or ostentation.
252 These are among the more common of the causes of failure in leadership. Any
253 one of these faults is sufficient to induce failure. Study the list carefully if you
254 aspire to leadership, and make sure that you are free of these faults.
255 Before leaving this chapter, your attention is called to a few of the fertile fields in
256 which there has been a decline of leadership, and in which the new type of leader
257 may find an abundance of OPPORTUNITY .
258 First. In the field of politics there is a most insistent demand for new leaders; a
259 demand which indicates nothing less than an emergency. The majority of
260 politicians have, seemingly, become high-grade, legalized racketeers. They have
261 increased taxes and debauched the machinery of industry and business until the
262 people can no longer stand the burden.
263 Second. The banking business is undergoing a reform. The leaders in this field
264 have almost entirely lost the confidence of the public. Already the bankers have
265 sensed the need of reform, and they have begun it.
266 Third. Industry calls for new leaders. The old type of leaders thought and moved
267 in terms of dividends instead of thinking and moving in terms of human
268 equations! The future leader in industry, to endure, must regard himself as a
269 quasi- public official whose duty it is to manage his trust in such a way that it will
270 work hardship on no individual, or group of individuals. Exploitation of working

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