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297 Experience has proved that the following media offer the most direct and
298 effective methods of bringing the buyer and seller of personal services together.
299 1. EMPLOYMENT BUREAUS. Care must be taken to select only reputable
300 bureaus, the management of which can show adequate records of achievement
301 of satisfactory results. There are comparatively few such bureaus.
302 2. ADVERTISING in newspapers, trade journals, magazines, and radio.
303 Classified advertising may usually be relied upon to produce satisfactory results
304 in the case of those who apply for clerical or ordinary salaried positions. Display
305 advertising is more desirable in the case of those who seek executive
306 connections, the copy to appear in the section of the paper which is most apt to
307 come to the attention of the class of employer being sought. The copy should be
308 prepared by an expert, who understands how to inject sufficient selling qualities
309 to produce replies.
310 3. PERSONAL LETTERS OF APPLICATION, directed to particular firms or
311 individuals most apt to need such services as are being offered. Letters should be
312 neatly typed, ALWAYS, and signed by hand. With the letter, should be sent a
313 complete "brief or outline of the applicant's qualifications. Both the letter of
314 application and the brief of experience or qualifications should be prepared by an
315 expert. (See instructions as to information to be supplied).
317 possible, the applicant should endeavor to approach prospective employers
318 through some mutual acquaintance. This method of approach is particularly
319 advantageous in the case of those who seek executive connections and do not
320 wish to appear to be "peddling" themselves.
321 5. APPLICATION IN PERSON. In some instances, it may be more effective if
322 the applicant offers personally, his services to prospective employers, in which
323 event a complete written statement of qualifications for the position should be
324 presented, for the reason that prospective employers often wish to discuss with
325 associates, one's record.

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