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326 This brief should be prepared as carefully as a lawyer would prepare the brief of
327 a case to be tried in court. Unless the applicant is experienced in the preparation
328 of such briefs, an expert should be consulted, and his services enlisted for this
329 purpose. Successful merchants employ men and women who understand the art
330 and the psychology of advertising to present the merits of their merchandise.
331 One who has personal services for sale should do the same. The following
332 information should appear in the brief:
333 1. Education. State briefly, but definitely, what schooling you have had, and in
334 what subjects you specialized in school, giving the reasons for that specialization.
335 2. Experience. If you have had experience in connection with positions similar to
336 the one you seek, describe it fully, state names and addresses of former
337 employers. Be sure to bring out clearly any special experience you may have had
338 which would equip you to fill the position you seek.
339 3. References. Practically every business firm desires to know all about the
340 previous records, antecedents, etc., of prospective employees who seek positions
341 of responsibility. Attach to your brief photostatic copies of letters from:
342 a. Former employers
343 b. Teachers under whom you studied
344 c. Prominent people whose judgment may be relied upon.
345 4. Photograph of self. Attach to your brief a recent, unmounted photograph of
346 yourself.
347 5. Apply for a specific position. Avoid application for a position without
348 describing EXACTLY what particular position you seek. Never apply for "just a
349 position." That indicates you lack specialized qualifications.
350 6. State your qualifications for the particular position for which you apply. Give
351 full details as to the reason you believe you are qualified for the particular

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