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432 Seventh. Present it to the proper person with authority and he will do the rest.
433 Every company is looking for men who can give something of value, whether it
434 be ideas, services, or "connections." Every company has room for the man who
435 has a definite plan of action which is to the advantage of that company.
436 This line of procedure may take a few days or weeks of extra time, but the
437 difference in income, in advancement, and in gaining recognition will save years
438 of hard work at small pay. It has many advantages, the main one being that it will
439 often save from one to five years of time in reaching a chosen goal.
440 Every person who starts, or "gets in" halfway up the ladder, does so by deliberate
441 and careful planning, (excepting, of course, the Boss' son).
444 Men and women who market their services to best advantage in the future, must
445 recognize the stupendous change which has taken place in connection with the
446 relationship between employer and employee.
447 In the future, the "Golden Rule," and not the "Rule of Gold" will be the
448 dominating factor in the marketing of merchandise as well as personal services.
449 The future relationship between employers and their employees will be more in
450 the nature of a partnership consisting of:
451 a. The employer
452 b. The employee
453 c. The public they serve
454 This new way of marketing personal services is called new for many reasons,
455 first, both the employer and the employee of the future will be considered as
456 fellow- employees whose business it will be to SERVE THE PUBLIC
457 EFFICIENTLY. In times past, employers, and employees have bartered among
458 themselves, driving the best bargains they could with one another, not

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