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Expanding horizons
Innovative packaging solutions developer tna has big plans, and a Pnew factory in Melbourne is just the start, reports Wayne Robinson.
ACKAGING solutions manufac- turer tna has opened its new 7500 square metre manufac- turing centre in Boronia, Vic- toria, with company founder Alf Taylor telling PKN that the business is aiming to achieve
sales of more than $1 billion in five years’ time.
The past year has seen tna achieve growth of 70 per cent, this
on top of an average compound growth of 27 per cent over the 37
years since the business started.
Alf Taylor says, “Growth will come
from geographic expansion, product expansion, applications expansion, and to a small degree from acquisitions.
“The big brands are global, and they want global packaging and processing solutions in order to have the same result in every territory they operate. This is a key part of the tna advantage, and will drive growth.
“In addition, the rapid growth of the middle class in Asia and the Middle East is driving demand for packaged prod- ucts. Then the demand for smaller pack sizes is a rapidly developing trend around the world, which means more packs, which is all good news for tna, and will propel the growth.”
The more than $1bn sales target is four or five times the current turnover, with Taylor saying that the company’s manufac- turing capabilities and the market trends
mean tna is on track to achieve this ambi- tious target.
The new factory, built at a cost of almost $8 million, is two and half times the size of the previous facility, and is the latest of four tna plants around the world to be either significantly upgraded or built in the last 12 months, the others being in Dubai, Holland, and Mexico. There are now six global tna manufactur- ing facilities, and 16 sales offices, includ- ing in Moscow and Tokyo.
The company, started by Alf and wife Nadia in 1982, initially had one 225 square metre facility. It is today one of the big success stories of Australian manufac- turing, with some 95 per cent of equip- ment produced in Melbourne exported.
Opening the plant with Alf and Nadia Taylor, local MP Heidi Victoria paid tribute to the couple saying, “tna is a great Austra-
lian story of vision, intelligence, commit- ment. It is a significant local employer, and earns overseas revenue for the country.”
The company has 600 employees around the world, a third of them in Aus- tralia at the Melbourne manufacturing site and head office in Sydney, which also includes the R&D department where some two dozen staff work in developing new solutions. ■
Alf and Nadia Taylor receive the 2018 Ethnic Business Award from PM Scott Morrison.
Alf and Nadia Taylor have also recently won the 2018 Ethnic Business Award, in the medium to large business category.
The Taylors received the award from prime minister Scott Morrison at the Ethnic Business Awards gala dinner, where the couple was commended for their entrepreneurship, personal dedication, global economic success, and their contribution to the Australian
economy and community through their extensive philanthropic work.
Alf and Nadia are themselves migrants, both arriving in Australia in 1966. Alf hailed from Scotland, Nadia from Egypt. They started tna in 1982 (see report above).
Established in 1988, the Ethnic Business Awards are one of Australia’s longest running business awards and were founded to
recognise and reward the contribution of migrants to the Australian economy.
“We are honoured to have won such a prestigious award,” Nadia Taylor said. “When we first arrived in Australia, neither of us would have ever imagined that we would eventually turn our dream of owning our own business into a reality.
“We feel incredibly lucky to be one of Australia’s many migrant success stories,

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