Page 11 - Packaging News Magazine Jan-Feb 2019
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#GermanBlingBling #Varioline
We do more.
and are grateful for the opportunities this country has offered us. There are
so many phenomenal and innovative businesses out there that would have never been possible without the sheer dedication and determination of people from all parts of the worlds. All of them are proof that cultural diversity is a real asset to Australia, and we feel honoured to be part of this special group of visionaries.”
January-February 2019 NEWS EXTRA
PKN, 158 x 245 mm, Varioline, CC-en30-AZ080 08/18
MAIN: It’s officially open! (l to r): Local MP Heidi Victoria cuts the ribbon with Alf and Nadia Taylor.
ABOVE LEFT: World class – inside the new tna Melbourne factory.

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