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Wide format
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The big wide format show in Sydney had a focus on the burgeoning number of applications that printers can use the technology for, report Wayne Robinson and Jake Nelson from the show.
Neopost multiple applications
The focus on the Neopost stand was on applications, with the hardware on show - Epson and an HP rollfed printers – being used to show how printers can pump out work for a wide range of jobs.
The Neopost booth was split into four zones, each with a major application; retail, outdoor, interior décor, and soft signage. Morgan Quinn, product marketing manager at Neopost says, “With the hardware and media that Neopost now supplies print service providers can work in multiple markets from the same printer, which means they have multiple revenue streams
Multiple Applications: Neopost
available to them."
One of the latest media
types on display from Neopost was StudioJet magnetic, an innovative magnetic backed substrate that lets the end user, often a retailer, apply magnetic panels
to the shop wall, then receive the printed media and simply stick it to the wall. Changing the prints is as easy as moving a fridge magnet, even with a 1m x 3m print, meaning there are no installation costs or time.
PrecisionCore: Epson
Epson models on printshop
Epson's booth was laid out exactly like
a typical printshop, and split into three zones; fabric, POS and signage. All
print solutions in display were using Epson's proprietary PrecisionCore print technology. Nathan Fulcher, marketing manager at Epson says, “PrecisionCore
is what it is says, precise, due to the micro-thin film piezo technology, which effectively creates channels for the ink to sit in, much like microprocessor chips do for the electronics. For the printer this means really fine printing with remarkable ink control and variable dots for fine gradations and a wide colour gamut, up to 99 per cent Pantone.”
PrecisionCore is in all Epson print systems now, including the high-end SureColors and the lower end T-Series, which were being launched at the show. For just $2000 for a 24” model, or less than $5000 for a 36” T-Series, Epson has produced a printer that produces sellable collour prints. Fulcher says, “They have just landed here, they will print coated and uncoated stocks, and can print both flatbed and roll to roll, with flatbed on media up to 1.5mm thick.”
Currie Group truck rolls in
Not everyone at the show was focused on wide format, in fact the biggest stand on the floor was from Currie Group, which had brought in its mobile showroom truck showing the latest HP Indigo 7900 Digital Press, linked to a Horizon booklet maker.
In front of the truck Currie Group was showing some of the nifty Horizon finishing solutions, with the Japanese manufactured kit continuing to offer printer innovative cost-effective solutions, including the Horizon CRF-362 Creaser Folder with pre-programmed and self programmed finishing options, and no cracking on digital printing thanks to its compression folding technology. Currie Group was also showing its innovative Horizon die-cutting unit, aimed at printers who want to be getting into the packaging market. The SmartSlitter SMSL-100 was also attracting interest.
Attracting interest: Smartslitter

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