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ProCut: Oce finishing
Océ goes graphic
Océ won the best stand of the show award for its creative street themed booth, which was printed by and featured both the Colorado 1640 UVgel roll- to-roll printer and the Arizona 2200GT flatbed UV system, and a Pro-Cut.
Dale Hawkins, marketing manager at Océ says, “The Colorado is is being installed in print businesses thanks to its winning combination of automation and speed, the technology enables turbo charged productivity.”
The Océ Arizona 2200GT had printed a wall with the Touchstone 2.5D effect, the Arizona printing layer upon layer on the media. Hawkins says, “The textured effect is another string to the Arizona printer,s bow, it gives their customers fresh options.”
Océ is launching a promotion for its Arizona range, which will see first time purchasers enjoy an initial three month payment holiday while they get up and running, with Océ also providing 20 litres of ink and enough media for 3500sqm of print.
HP launches rigid Latex
Personalisation driving Roland DG
The graphics solutions developer was again the platinum sponsor of Visual Impact, and had a wide range of technology on the stand. MD John Wall says, “Companies talking to Roland DG will discover technology that will enable them to work in multiple markets, and equipment that will give them the means to enter new markets. We also supply innovative equipment such as the new laser foil LD-80, which for $13,000 gives
printers the opportunity to
put foil onto promotional
Ten years after HP
launched its Latex roll-to-
roll printers the company
has rolled out rigid
R-Series Latex systems,
with HP applications
specialist Jeremy Brew
saying the same benefits
of no odour, low
maintenance and media
enhancement is now
available in flatbed mode.
The HP Latex R-Series
printers are actually
hybrid, they will print
both flatbed and roll-to-roll. They are available in two formats, the 1.6-metre R1000 and its big brother, the 2.5-metre R2000, both of which were on the stand. Brew says, “Latex does not block out the media as UV does, it enables the media to be seen, for instance with the Kapatex canvas-like media when it is printed Latex it is still clearly canvas-like. Latex means a thin layer but with the pop necessary, and without impacting on the integrity of the media.”
At the show HP also released its first White ink for Latex, which Brew says does not yellow over time, and thanks to the closed loop system in the HP printers has no waste.
Flying the flag: Ben Eaton, Starleaton
Rigid Latex: Jeremy Brew, HP
According to Wall the trend to personalisation is driving much of the company's development. On the stand Roland DG had the Soljet EJ- 640 printer, and the TruVis VG and SG print and cut printers. Wall says, “Print and cut solutions are becoming increasingly popular, while the latest Soljets can offer ink savings of 30 per cent.”
Starleaton flying fabric flag
The Starleaton stand had a focus on textiles, including printing
on Epson and EFI machines, cutting with Zund, calendaring, and stitching. According to Ben Eaton, CEO, textiles are enjoying massive growth. “People are opting for environmentally-friendly solutions, and logistically, in countries like Australia, it is also much easier to ship textile signage around due to its low weight,” he said.
A Zund cutting table and an Impulsa sewing machine were two
of the biggest draws to the stand, said Eaton, due to customers’ enthusiasm for automated solutions. “Automation, or semi- automation, is where everybody seems to be wanting to invest,” he said. “There is no fat in businesses in terms of extra personnel, so they want reliable machines that will be running all the time and lets them redeploy staff to more productive areas of the business.”
Value add: John Wall, Roland DG

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