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For the record
University of Sydney. At the end of the campaign, Nutella attempted the Guinness World Records title, and was able to smash the minimum 50 meter record with a grand total of 110.85m of pancakes.
Nutella hoped that by encouraging social audiences to share their love for their partners, friends and family, the campaign would make Nutella relevant during the month of February to bring a little love to people, and from a business perspective, would increase purchase consideration and encourage people to buy one more jar.
The campaign was a huge success, with Nutella receiving over 3696 messages of love, a figure that was more than double the required minimum. Furthermore, over 4000
people attended the O-Week event, which helped with the consumption of pancakes, because there was a stipulation in the Guinness World Records guidelines that all pancakes had to be eaten after the record attempt.
The successful record attempt rounded off Nutella’s ‘Month of Love’ digital campaign on a high, and resulted in more than 5000 social interactions and a total reach figure of over four million.
Nutella has used a Guinness World Records title to boost awareness and return on investment. Doug Male from Guinness World Records explains.
BRANDS are increasingly leveraging Guinness World Records to boost the engagement and reach of existing campaigns. Take the example of Ferrero's iconic hazelnut spread brand Nutella. Last year, Nutella integrated a record attempt into its ‘Month of Love’ campaign, which took place in February. The brand took on a Guinness World Records attempt for the ‘Longest line of pancakes’.
The idea behind the campaign and strategy was to incorporate three of the celebrations in Australia that the Nutella brand is always involved in − World Nutella Day, Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day − into a bigger overall campaign, which resulted in ‘The Month of Love’.
The record attempt was conducted in association with the month-long ‘Spread a little love’ digital campaign, with social media users encouraged to share personalised messages of love from a ‘Spread Love’ microsite to their friends and families. For each shared message, more pancakes were
added to the line, contributing towards a collective goal of
50 metres.
As social media users interacted with Nutella’s ‘Month of Love’ campaign, more pancakes were added and
“ The business objective was to make Nutella relevant during the month of February to bring a little love to people. This in turn would increase purchase consideration and encourage people to buy one more jar.”
the counter was bumped up accordingly. The campaign therefore relied solely on social audiences to determine how long the line of pancakes would be. Because it was up to the audience to control their own destiny and dictate how long the Guinness World Records title attempt would be, it attracted a huge amount of social engagement.
While the month-long digital campaign was conducted online, the physical Guinness World Records attempt was held during O-Week at the
The campaign also attracted two live television broadcasts with Studio 10 at the final record-breaking event.
And last but not least, the Nutella ‘Spread Love’ website received over 15,000 visits during the campaign. ✷
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Doug Male is the head of public relations, EMEA and APAC, for Guinness World Records.

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