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Fonterra muscles in on new market
Fonterra Australia is expanding into the nutritionals market with the launch of its Bodiology range. Fonterra’s Kate Ireland reveals the thinking behind the dairy giant’s latest local move.
QWhy did Fonterra enter this new category?
Fonterra knows that dairy has multiple benefits across all life stages – from infancy to late adulthood. To ensure we’re supporting the dairy needs of Australians throughout all stages of life, we looked at how we could help support the health and wellbeing needs of middle-aged and older Australians. After conducting extensive consumer research, consumers told us that a vitamin, mineral and protein powder would be the preferred format. As a result, Bodiology has been developed for active men and women 40+ to support, rebuild and repair muscles, joints and bones to
help consumers’ bodies stay active and mobile.
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How is this product different
to others on the market?
While some tablet or pill- based supplements aim to strengthen bones by providing a source of calcium and vitamin D, Bodiology supports the whole musculoskeletal system. It features a combination of essential vitamins and minerals that work together to offer a total movement solution to maintain the musculoskeletal system, including calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus, vitamin C, and magnesium to help keep Aussies moving, maintaining

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