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WITH Christmas and New Year’s celebrations behind us, we have been putting new objectives in place to really strengthen what we want to achieve through our memorable and delicious products.
For the past five years Australia has experienced a massive growth within the premium bakery market, where performance and competition are constantly increasing, and new boundaries are being pushed. This is an exciting time for us.
While Australian’s still love the classic lamingtons and custard tarts, they are still desperately craving diversity. At a time when cafés all over the country are continuously opening and closing their doors, rare is the business that remains consistent and creative. We are proud to say that Laurent Bakery has been standing tall for the past twenty-five years, purely due to the fact that we have not been afraid to take risks, while at the same time remain true to our philosophy and values: passion, quality and tradition.
For over two decades now, we have done our best to position and maintain Laurent Bakery as an influential food hub, which has slowly changed the way we eat desserts, by bringing small, elegant and high-end cakes to the Australian market. Our
‘almost too pretty to eat’ treats are still actively nourishing Australian palates, firmly cementing Laurent Bakery as the go-to favourite. It is safe to say that we have contributed a social and cultural experience to Australians that they would not normally get without
employees, and our loyal customers.
Coles Local offers a tailored in-store experience and a thoughtfully crafted range of high-quality local and imported products, designed specifically to meet the needs of the local community. We are proud to be
the French St James log (Mango yuzu), and we have created the Rubis, the Castel and Black Forest logs among the traditional ones (Chocolate and Vanilla logs) to please all tastes – and developed our own recipe of Panettone, using Australian local natural yeast and candid fruits from our Sicilian supplier.
Laurent Bakery’s strength and approaches to baking are based on artisanal savoir-faire, respect of tradition, taste
and fine quality. French inspired and Australian owned, the business proudly stands out from the norm as we are always thinking about how to innovate for the future. The last twenty-five years has seen us develop a strong understanding of our clientele’s demand and we are endlessly striving to align our products with their tastes.
We are confident that the response from our clientele to our new desserts will be highly enthusiastic and we hope we can bring more exciting delicacies to the table. ✷
Premium bake-off
High profile baker Laurent Boillon takes a look at the big trends in bakery and what this means for his expanding bakery business.
“I want Laurent Bakery to be a major contributor when it comes to making Australia the new favourite sweet corner of the globe.”
going to France. It is such a pleasure to see how local foodies are constantly craving more gourmandises.
By launching Coles Local in November last year in Surrey Hills in Victoria, and in NSW, we really wanted to fulfil our desire to democratise high-end desserts, by introducing authentic creations that are delicious in taste and aesthetically pleasing within Coles’ supermarkets. Giving Aussies the choice to treat themselves with a more sophisticated selection is the reason why we have decided
to launch a selection of our best desserts at Coles Local including our Citron Meringue Tarts, Chocolate and Cafe eclairs, Castel, Foret noire. Plus, we are all about supporting our community including our
part of this innovative initiative and to be the first bakery to provide a selection of premium cakes in a local supermarket.
We always want to be a step ahead and this new enterprise is definitely a challenge for Australia – to try and place the country as a new competitive cornerstone for aesthetically delicious desserts. I want Laurent Bakery to be a major contributor when it comes to making Australia the new favourite sweet corner of the globe, which is why we are also developing our cake selection across our 16 stores. Our Jardin d’été that launched for our recent birthday celebrations was the perfect example of how to align unusual taste with an audacious look. For Christmas we also launched some favourites with a twist such as
Laurent Boillon is the French-born baker and founder of
Laurent Bakery, which
recently signed a deal
with Coles to make a range of artisan-style sourdough loaves. | March 2019 | Food&Drink business | 11

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