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Robotic Automation showcases AGVs
TMA switches on autopilot
TOYOTA Material Handling (Stand D115) is heading to AUSPACK with its ‘Autopilot’ range, which offers automated vehicle solutions for both traditional and warehouse applications.
The hybrid vehicles are based on industry-proven manual trucks each with a fully integrated navigation and safety system, the company says, and the Autopilot range attains all the reliability and serviceability as with the manual version and inherits all the added benefits of an automated vehicle, making them exceptional machines.
“Today we are working on the future of logistics, namely Industry 4.0, by creating a connected world thanks to telematics, automated vehicles and remote-controlled
machines,” the company says. “Toyota Material
Handling can offer a new dimension of productivity by providing solutions for automated processes in
existing as well as new environments.” ✷
ROBOTIC Automation (Stand A130) will hold live demonstrations of its robotics solutions at AUSPACK 2019, and offer free automated guided vehicle (AGV) software appraisals to guests.
On display at the Robotic Automation stand will be the new GP8 high-speed model, which staff will demonstrate live alongside the new YRC1000 controller and smart teach pendant. The stand will also feature the new GP25; the MH180 materials handling robot; live demonstrations of new gripper technology with FSU; and the RoboPac mobile robotic wrapper.
The company, which turned 30 last year, offers its customers an exclusive range of products from Motoman, as well as top-level brands in machinery and AGV technology. According to Robotic Automation, it works with customers both as their consultant and supplier,
analysing where the key problems are occurring – which could be in the supply chain, not just in the factory.
Robotic Automation’s managing director Colin Wells says greater demands are being placed on its customers, especially in some categories, where getting products to market must now happen in six months in some categories.
“We have worked continuously with our customers delivering the latest
robotic technology systems to increase productivity which is key in today’s manufacturing world,” Wells says.
“Working with a supplier that can see the big picture is an advantage when launching products to market efficiently and cost effectively using flexible systems.“
Aside from equipment demonstrations and AGV appraisals, the stand will also feature local case studies. ✷
pressure sensors enabling a fusion
of mechanics, electronics and software.
The company is also bringing its DHEF adaptive shape gripper, which grips workpieces just as a chameleon’s tongue grips insects, and can pick up, gather and set back down again objects of many different shapes without the need for manual adjustment.
The silicone cap of the adaptive shape gripper DHEF can fold itself over and grip objects of any shape to create a firm, form-fitting hold. ✷
Festo explores Industry 4.0
FESTO (Stand C190) will be demonstrating its new VTEM Motion Terminal, boasting the latest developments in piezo technology and software, to AUSPACK. The VTEM Motion Terminal uses apps to replace over 50 individual standard components, enabling a pneumatic product to transform into a true Industry 4.0 component.
“We predict that the VTEM Motion Terminal will revolutionise automation technology in much the same way that the smartphone turned the mobile
communication market on its head a decade ago,” Festo product manager Andy Parker-Bates says.
“In addition to transforming pneumatic products into true Industry 4.0 components, the VTEM simplifies system design, reduces costs and offers greater energy efficiency. ”
Festo is predicting that as only one piece of hardware will be required, the VTEM – combined with software apps – will simplify the entire value chain. Powering the Motion Terminal is piezo technology with integrated stroke and | March 2019 | Food&Drink business | 29

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