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Visy Technology Systems decodes printing
VISY Technology Systems (Stand G110) distributes the full range of Hitachi inkjet printers and laser markers in Australia and New Zealand, and the company is bringing brand new models to AUSPACK including the new Hitachi UX-H140W inkjet printer and a new model laser marker, the Hitachi LM-C300.
“Falling in March 2019, Auspack provides an opportunity for Visy Technology Systems to introduce
new inkjet and laser marking products from Hitachi,” the company’s managing director Steve Jowett says.
“In addition, we are excited to showcase Visy’s own device control, inspection and quality management platform called VLR (Visy Line Right) and a space efficient solution for both carton taping and carton barcode labelling in a single machine, the TLDUO. Visy will show the TLDUO in two iterations, a semi-
automatic version and a fully automatic version,” Jowett says. The Hitachi
UX-H140W inkjet printer is designed for the highest speed
coding applications. The maximum printing speed of
the UX-H140W improves upon the current high-speed
model by as much as 30 per cent, and it is suitable for
marking beverage containers on high speed
bottling lines as well as providing a fast marking
solution for cable and wire.
Applications in the beverage industry where the benefits of higher speed and higher quality printing can be realised include PET Carbonated Soft Drink, Glass Beer and Wine bottles and Aluminium Beverage cans.
Hitachi quotes a maximum printing speed of approximately 650mpm with improved print quality made possible after developing a new print control method. The UX-H140W joins the comprehensive range of advanced UX inkjet printers by Hitachi each featuring WYSIWYG message design, 10.4" TFT Colour LCD touch panel and Environment protection rating of IP65.
The new Hitachi LM-C300 laser marker is designed to handle marking applications across multiple types of packaging materials including paper, corrugated cardboard, glass, rigid plastics, flexible foils, films and more.
It’s important to choose the applicable laser type where each material type will adopt, absorb and reflect laser light in a unique way, according to Visy Technology Systems.
The LM-C300 is available with two different power output levels 10W and 30W and three different
wavelengths 9.3um, 10.2um and 10.6um. The LM-C300 CO2 laser marker in the 10.6um version prints on paper and cardboard packaging and glass packaging, the 9.3um version is well matched to the marking of PET plastics, and the 10.2um version is suited to marking on thin films and any types of packaging foils.
The Hitachi LM-C300 Laser marker adopts new design features for simple and intuitive operation. A new icon-based 10" full-colour touchscreen features WYSIWYG message creating and operating environment. The touch screen is easy to use in both hand-held and on-equipment configurations.
Reliability of the laser marker is enhanced thanks to a new cooling system design where air is supplied through the whole laser tube at the heart of the laser marker, to cool the laser tube more effectively.
The housing of the LM-C300 laser is environment protected to the rating of IP54 for reliable use in harsh environments. ✷
Fibre King articulates new solution
FIBRE King (Stand A140) will demonstrate its new three-axis articulated arm robot at AUSPACK 2019, an innovation that it says will revolutionise collation and case packing.
Designed for end-of-line packaging, the robot can operate at a larger range than parallel arm kinematic systems, according to James Windsor, CEO Fibre King.
“It gives the user the ability to pack and load items that are
difficult to work with, such as soft packaging,” says Windsor. “We developed the robotic arm to fill a gap we identified in the market, and it works into our existing product range to provide more flexibility in how products are handled.”
The new robot allows for flexibility in product handling, case packing, and layer forming for palletising, Fibre King claims, and can be expanded for multi- head case packers. According to
Windsor, it is the newest expression of Fibre King’s mission to provide flexible,
economical, compact
robotic solutions that
are capable of
“As experience-led engineers, we get very excited about providing facilities with smart, simple solutions for complex production requirements,” he says. ✷
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