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May-June 2019
KRONES featured on its stand an entire section devoted to PET plastic recycling, which the company highlights as a grow- ing industry.
Peter Hartel, head of sales for PET recycling at Krones, walked guests through a model of a one-tonne-per-hour recy- cling plant on the stand.
“Krones is manufacturing the washing part as well as the decontamination part. Whatev-
er comes out of this plant is us- able in food grade applica- tions,” he said. “We have FDA approval, and we have a plant in South Africa where we deliv- er output to Coca-Cola.”
Hartel noted an increase in PET recycling in Australia, particularly with container de- posit schemes.
“We’re the only ones offer- ing PET recycling here at the show. The people are interest- ed, and I expect definitely there will be more interest next time,” he said.
Hartel also highlighted other Krones technologies, including blow moulding, filling, label- ling and inspection.
“We are one of the biggest equipment providers in the bottling industry – every fourth bottle in the world is touched by one of our ma- chines,” he said. ■
A model exhibitor: Peter Hartel, Krones.
ITW ZIP-PAK Australia, a pioneer in flexible packaging zipper features, was showcasing some of its latest resealable packag- ing solutions, including the wide-mouthed Zip360, a child deterrent zip, and a fragrance zip.
Zip360’s wide mouth is enabled by a 360-degree pe- rimeter zipper around the package, so as to provide easy access to contents.
The Fragrance-Zip was cre- ated for products that need to appeal to consumers sense of smell, such as bland washing powders. The scent is embed- ded in the Fragrance-Zip fastener during the manufac- turing process, and Zip-Pak says it can duplicate virtually any desired aroma.
The Child-Deterrent Tab is a mechanism that provides deter- rence for younger children on products such as washing cap- sules, or but still offers easy ac- cessibility for older consumers.
According to Zip-Pak’s na- tional sales manager Michael Debono, the company saw strong interest in its offerings, not only from dairy and confec- tionery companies, but also from some new categories such as personal care companies.
“We usually appeal to manu- facturers of dry goods and snacks, so this is a bit outside of the box,” he said. ■
Outside the box: Zip-Pak’s Glenn Woodworth and Michael Debono. -

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