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May-June 2019
ACCUPAK’S Peter Slager said AUSPACK 2019 had brought the company many good sales leads.
“Customer sentiment at the show has also been very upbeat,” he told PKN.
The company was exhibiting a twin For- tress Stealth metal detector “combo” ma- chine, and a WIPOTEC-OCS HC-A check- weigher in Melbourne.
AccuPak also represents the Kawasaki robot range in Australia, and was demon- strating a Kawasaki duAro dual-arm collaborative robot (cobot) on the stand.
The duAro has two arms which reach horizontally and move as a pair. According to AccuPak, this means the cobot can easily perform operations similar to those of a person using both arms within a one-per- son space. At an average cost of $50-75,000 per unit including vision system and sys- tems integration work, the purchase of a cobot is within reach for most small and mid-sized enterprises.
AccuPak’s Peter Slager.
Quality control: Andrew Turner, Robatech.
ROBATECH exhibited the latest developments in its gluing technology at AUSPACK, in- cluding automated systems.
The focus was primarily on hot melt equipment, with a demonstration machine supplied by Trimatt Systems showing off both its hot melt and quality control tech- nologies. Andrew Turner, product manager for cold gluing and quality control at Robat- ech, said these systems were the star attrac- tion on the stand.
“We can place products onto a leaflet and check that both the gluing and the leaflet itself is correct, using our quality control system,” he said. “We’re also moving into newer technology with automation, where we’re not just using the quality control to manage the consistency of the operation, but integrating with robots as well.”
The stand attracted consistent interest over the four days, according to Turner.
“It’s been quite steady every day. We only rarely didn’t have anyone on the stand, which is quite good, and we’ve had some pretty solid business,” he said. ■
ROBOTIC Automation’s stand at AUSPACK 2019 featured live demonstrations of a broad range of robotic solutions, many of which were designed to give end users more freedom than ever.
The stand showed off exclusive products from Motoman Yaskawa, plus top-level brands in machinery and AGV technology. Colin Wells, managing director, told PKN that they had plenty of interest and would follow up on all leads after the show.
“Interest has been very positive,” he said. “We mainly supply tailored solutions.”
According to Colin, the star attraction on the stand was Robotic Automation’s new automated guided vehicles (AGVs) editing software MAX AGV, which – for what he says is the first time in Australia – will al- low end users, rather than the suppliers, to edit their AGV systems.
“They’ve been doing it for quite a while in Sweden, but now it’s finally been brought to Australia,” he said. ■
Colin Wells, Robotic Automation.
ABBE CORRUGATED launched a new shelf ready case maker which it said eliminates rips, tears and perforations, produc- ing perfect cases each time.
The new Trayfecta G Series from US manufacturer Delkor operates at up to 35 cartons a minute and produces Cabrio cases, Shelf-Ready cases, Club Store stackable trays and eco- nomical shippers.
Daniel O’Sullivan at Abbe said, “The Trayfecta G is what the market has been waiting for. Its strength and the way it handles ensures that the cases presented on the shelf are in the condition the market ex- pects every time.”
Game changer: Daniel O’Sullivan, Abbe Corrugated, with the Trayfecta G case maker.
Available now in Australia, the machine has been used in the United States for around five years; this is the first time it has ever been brought over- seas, said O’Sullivan.
“We’ve had an amazing amount of interest on this,” he said. “It’s going to be a real game changer for shelf-ready packaging.” ■
ORORA ran live demonstrations of its Limitronic in-line digital printer at AUSPACK 2019, prom- ising that it will unlock entirely new customer opportunities.
The printer came to the Aus- tralian market thanks to a col- laboration between Orora and its partner Limitronic. Andrew Russo, general manager of sales and marketing for Orora Fibre, t o l d P K N ’s Wa y n e R o b i n s o n that it is all about providing digital print opportunities to Orora customers.
“It creates a whole new window of opportunity of being able to digitally print and apply variable data at our customers’ locations,” he said.
Also on stand was a virtual reality tour of EFI’s Nozomi C18000 corrugated packaging press, which showcased the setup at Orora’s Melbourne plant; the virtual tour brought plenty of traffic, including the PKN team. ■
A whole new world: Peter Hoermann, EFI (right) guides PKN associate editor Wayne Robinson through a VR demo of the EFI Nozomi C18000.

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