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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS made its AUSPACK de- but with the latest in power-saving drives and corrosion-beating technologies.
The company showcased its energy-ef- ficient IE4 motor, as well as its nsd tupH solutions, which electrochemically treat aluminium motor components to make them resistant to corrosion in challenging environments.
Nord also demonstrated its Nordac Link frequency inverters and motor starters, which offer a drive control that can be flex- ibly installed close to the motor.
Vinod Pillai, engineer, told PKN publish- er Lindy Hughson that the equipment on display, especially the Nordac Link, repre- sented real Industry 4.0 solutions.
“Nord provides smart drive systems that are fully Industry 4.0-ready,” he said.
According to Pillai, Nord’s first-ever AUS- PACK was a valuable experience.
“We had a number of promising enqui- ries,” he said. ■
Promising first show: Lindy Hughson speaks to Nord’s Vinod Pillai (right).
JET TECHNOLOGIES brought the compact Ilpra Fill Seal 5000 cup filling and sealing sys- tem to AUSPACK 2019, and hosted live demonstrations on its stand.
Despite its small footprint, the Ilpra sys- tem can fill up to 5000 pieces per hour and is designed for juices, dips, yoghurt, pestos, soups, sauces and honey, and comes with lots of optional add-ons.
Jet Technologies general manager Daniel Malki pointed out the manageable size of the machine, which is manufactured just outside Milan, Italy.
“The machine could fit in my bedroom, it’s that small,” he said. “It works in a two- cup configuration as it moves around the eight stations.”
According to Malki, the Ilpra had plenty of interest on the stand, as did the other technology on display.
“We had back to back appointments on our first day. We’re pleased with the re- sponse from the market,” he said. ■
The Jet Technologies team at AUSPACK.
ECO-FRIENDLY packaging such as composta- ble pouches were in high demand at the PA Packaging Solutions stand at AUSPACK.
The company heard the cry for sustain- ability loud and clear, according to director Peter Cumberlege (above right), who de- scribed what he called a “significant turn- around in food producers’ attitudes”.
“Most have been sitting back waiting to see where eco-friendly packaging will head. AUSPACK showed a decisive shift as food producers are now seriously consider- ing eco-friendly alternatives,” he said.
Staff handed out hundreds of samples of packaging, with home compostable pouch- es proving most popular. According to Cumberlege, FMCG manufacturers want to know that these pouches will work on their high-speed packaging machines.
“The two Leepack pouch machines on our stand demonstrated not only their in- novative flexible functions, but also that home compostable packaging works well in high speed situations,” he said. ■
A happy customer drops in to visit the PA Packaging Solutions team.
May-June 2019
saw a good deal of foot traffic at AUSPACK, with guests inter- ested in all the wrapping equip- ment on display.
Chad Egan, sales manager, showed a variety of shrink wrapping, flow wrapping and pallet wrapping solutions to guests at the stand. Flow wrap-
Complete solution: Chad Egan (right) and Alessio Messina on the Australian Wrapping Company stand.
ping was an area getting plenty of interest, according to Egan, as well as the Smipack machines and case formers on display.
“We had probably about fifty enquiries over the first two days, so it’s been good,” he said.
Egan told PKN that Austra- lian Wrapping Company offers a complete solution beyond just equipment sales.
“We bring in all our ma- chines from Italy, we carry all the spare parts and have our own servicing,” he said.
He also highlighted the In- dustry 4.0 connectivity of the available machines.
“We have new wi-fi technol- ogy, from base model machines up to fully-integrated in-line systems,” he said. ■
BARRY-WEHMILLER brought its PneumaticScaleAngelus CB50F filler and seamer, aimed at craft brewers, to AUSPACK.
Capable of operating at speeds of up to 50 cans per minute, the CB50F is the product of PSA adapting its cam-driven multi- head rotary seamer technology to low-speed in-line applications.
The CB50F includes an inte- grated six-head inline filler and a single-head can seamer. As its individ-
ual filling heads use magnetic flow meter technology, they re- quire no moving parts.
Quality attendance: Gordon Wood (right) with staff on the Barry-Wehmiller stand.
Gordon Wood, national sales manager at Barry-Wehmiller, told PKN that overall he was happy with the event.
“I thought the numbers were lower this year; however, the quality of attendee was far greater than past years.
“Having five team members on the stand was warranted, with them busy most of the four days,” he said. ■

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