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NORD Drivesystems says its Safomi adapter for Nord Maxxdrive industrial gear units is a technical innovation in its field of application: a flange with an integrated oil expansion tank. This, the company says, can increase operational reliability, requiring fewer wearing parts.
Maxxdrive industrial gear units have been part of the Nord product range for more than a decade.
They offer high output torques from 15 to 250 kNm and ensure smooth operation even under demanding conditions.
The FEM-optimised and compact design enables operation under ultimate external loads with the extensive Maxxdrive modular system providing many options for tailored solutions. For agitator applications, the industrial gear units can be equipped with a Safomi IEC adapter.
Safomi, which stands for “sealless adapter for mixers”, is an IEC adapter that combine the functions of a standard IEC adapter and an oil expansion tank in a single component. They are available for parallel gear units and in the sizes 7 to 11, i.e. for maximum output torques from 25 to 75 kNm.
The compact combination of Maxxdrive industrial gear units, Safomi IEC adapters and drive motors is the best choice for mixer and agitator applications to reduce wearing parts and attached components, according to Nord.
The Safomi IEC adapter has a compact and simple design and is
equipped with an integrated oil expansion volume.
Oil tanks and hoses, as well as the radial shaft seal that are subject to leakage and wear between gear unit and IEC cylinder,
are not required.
THE latest Exair Pressure Sensing Digital Flowmeter allows users to monitor pressure and flow throughout a compressed air system.
With a pressure sensor installed between two
f low sensing probes, the display can be adjusted to show air pressure or air flow. The transistor output can also be
configured, which provides a low-pressure alarm to protect processes and equipment.
The Pressure Sensing feature is available on 2 inch (51mm) or larger flowmeters, with the pressure values displaying in PSIG or BARG. The values are shown on an LED screen, with the option for a data logger to capture and control the data.
The pressure signal is also available through optional wired or wireless serial outputs.
Meanwhile, airflow values are displayed in standard cubic feet per minute or cubic metres per hour.
Exair Pressure Sensing Digital Flowmeters are available from Compressed Air Australia for schedule 40 iron pipe, Type L Copper and normal millimetre sizes. All are CE and RoHS compliant.
TECPRO Australia is introducing the new Blue King wash down
gun from the Netherlands to the Australia and New Zealand region.
Designed by AKBO, the Blue King wash down gun uses 16 per cent less water than regular cleaning guns, and can withstand temperatures of up to 90 degrees Celsius, as well as water pressures up to 30 bar.
It is made from brass and features FDA approved EPDM seals and rubber protection.
The wash down gun is available either with or without a trigger guard, with the trigger guard itself is made from stainless steel and covered with rubber insulation.
The design of the spray outlet aims to provide even water distribution and is drop free, even at its widest spray pattern.
The wash down gun down also features an arrow to show the direction of water flow for safety, which can be an important measure when using hot water. The spray gun has double seals for added security and durability.
The Blue King wash down gun is available exclusively through Tecpro Australia.
FOR electronic access control and management, Treotham Automation’s Euchner Electronic-Key-System (EKS) has the ability to be freely programmable by its user for versatility.
The transponder-based read/write system has pre-set parameters to provide protection against unauthorised access.
The EKS can store access rights for each employee, with its reader scanning data and forwarding the information to the control system.
The system has a functionally safe selection of operating mode, which allows users to select a desired mode and activate its corresponding safety function.
The EKS complements the rest of Euchner product range, including guard locking devices, access management systems, door detectors, door locking systems and pendant stations. Local customers can access a wide variety of Euchner products through Treotham Automation.
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