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AMS Instrumentation & Calibration has released the new online hygrometer system from Michell Instruments, giving customers more choice and flexibility for dew-point and trace humidity measurements.
The Michell Instruments SF82 Online Fast Response Hygrometer is designed to be quick-to-install, and covers the complete dew-point measurement range of -60 up to +60 degrees Celsius dew point.
This is suited for use in industrial drying applications, such as compressed air and plastic manufacturing, and can be complemented with the Easidew Online Universal Dew-Point Hygrometer.
Both online hygrometers include a two-wire sensor, configurable display, stainless steel sensor sample block with 1/8” NPT inlet and outlets, as well as a sensor cable at selectable lengths.
The SF82 Online and Easidew Online hygrometers are also eligible for Michell’s sensor exchange programme for quick maintenance, with the minimum of process downtime.
A variety of hygrometers from
Michell Instruments are now available through AMS Instrumentation & Calibration.
THE EMA range of electromagnetic drives from Australian vibratory equipment specialist Enmin are designed for trouble-free operation. The drives use the power of electromagnetic energy to create a
vibratory force to the conveying tray of vibratory feeders, while ensuring stability, control and accuracy. The cyclic operation is done by a range of electronic controllers varying the feeding rate in a way to suit particular application.
The drives have minimal moving parts, are low-maintenance and use low-energy, aiming for a low-cost method of product handling.
Enmin general manager Anthony Gallaher says: “All Enmin drives are designed and constructed to meet the rigorous requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries such as maximum hygiene, ease of cleaning and continuous 24/7 operation.”
“As part of our ongoing product development and response to customer requests, new products are being developed that feature our EMA drives. These include an electromagnetic bowl feeder range (EMA-BF) and a bin vibrator (EMA-BV).”
The drives also maintain constant flow into elevating and belt conveyors, as well as multi-head weigh scales, filing and seasoning applications.
Enmin has an extensive range of product handling and vibratory equipment, which is designed and manufactured in Australia, and available for customisation to suit each business.
THE premium profile Plasdene Glass-Pak Square Glass Jar range now includes 375 millilitre and 750 millilitre sizes, which are suitable for 500 grams and one kilogram jars of honey.
Plasdene Glass-Pak (PGP) moulds have underwritten new production runs and have stock available in both bulk pallet format and carton stock, ensuring these jars are accessible to all customers looking for premium shelf presence, whether in the start-up phase or for scaled supply.
PGP’s extensive Square Glass Jar range now includes 50ml, 110ml, 190ml, 270ml, 312ml, 375ml and 750ml capacities.
PGP has proudly supported local Aussie beekeepers, hobbyists, large honey producers and FMCG alike for more than 30 years, supplying high quality jars and containers for packaging up their delicious honey.
There’s no doubt 2020 is a tough year for Australian agriculture and independent business. PGP is honoured to be the supply partner behind so many great Australian producers, such as Stanthorpe Honey, as featured in the 750ml Square Glass Jars above.
The range is also great for other food uses including jams, chutneys, marmalade, dips, sauces and other home cooking products.
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