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Dairy Farmers has expanded its A2 protein milk offering with the release of its new two-litre Full Cream, Lite and Prebiotic white milk varieties.
The new range is sourced from “pasture-raised, free-roaming” cows from Australian family dairy farms, and follows the release of Dairy Farmers’ A2 Goodness Flavoured Milk range. The Prebiotic A2 milk is a first for the A2 protein milk segment.
Lion Dairy & Drinks marketing and innovation director Darryn Wallace said the team was proud to be providing consumers with more choice within
Table of Plenty has expanded its product portfolio, with a new range of functional breakfast options, as well as probiotic kefirs, available exclusively at Coles.
The Functional Breakfast Range has four varieties, including Probiotic+ Muesli, Balance+ Muesli, Immunity+ Porridge, and Probiotic+ Porridge, aimed at improving immunity, gut health and muscle growth.
Table of Plenty’s probiotic kefirs have 10 culture strains and 10 times the amount of live bacteria found in regular yoghurt. It is Kosher and is free from GMOs, hormones, artificial colours and flavours.
“Experts recommend you consume probiotic-rich foods twice a week. They are incredibly beneficial to your immunity, colon and large intestine and help to fight pathogens,” said Table of Plenty founder Kate Weiss.
“We use a traditional process of slow-fermentation to develop the kefir inside the
New Zealand plant-based supermarket brand Bean Supreme is bringing its range to Australia, making its way into stores with its
   bottle. Unlike some other brands on the market who use powdered milk, our kefir is derived naturally from the fresh milk of grass-fed cows in Gippsland. This gives our Probiotic Kefir its creamy texture – and little lumps.”
The Table of Plenty Functional Beverage is available for RRP $7.20, and the Probiotic Kefir – both in natural and lactose-free varieties – for RRP $8.95 at Coles.
   the A2 protein milk segment.
“The range is the latest addition to our iconic
brand’s portfolio, and by introducing the first ever Prebiotic and Flavoured players in Australia to the
A2 protein milk segment, we’re continuing to innovate in the category,” said Wallace.
Dairy Farmers A2 Milk is available at Coles and leading retailers across VIC, NSW and ACT.
South Australian confectioner Robern Menz has introduced the Violet
newest Gluten-Free Garlic Sausages, and Marinated Chilli and Lime Jackfruit products.
According to Food Frontier, one in three Australians are limiting their meat consumption, with demand for plant-based meat alternatives quickly growing, and Bean Supreme crossing the Tasman to meet such growing demand.
The Bean Supreme vegetarian range also includes its Hemp Burger, Masala Burger, Beetroot Burger, and sausage range, which features ingredients such as mozzarella, tomato, parsley and rosemary.
“The extreme health challenges of 2020 have meant that now is a great time to put more thought into our food choices. Nowadays consumers are demanding healthier, more innovative and ethical food products. With interesting flavour combinations and real ingredients, Bean Supreme is dedicated to delivering nourishing plant-based foods to all Australians,” said a Bean Supreme spokesperson.
The Bean Supreme range has an RRP of $8.00 and is available at selected Woolworths and Coles stores.
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Crumble Dark Bag to Coles stores around the country, creating a new format of the popular choc-covered honeycomb bar for consumers.
Following the success of Violet Crumble Dark Bar release last year, the new Dark Bag has bite-sized dark chocolate covered pieces in a 180g pack.
“When we first started producing Violet Crumble here at our factory in Adelaide, a priority was to meet consumer demand to bring back the bag which had been off shelves for ten years,” said Robern Menz CEO Phil Sims.
“Since then, we’ve delivered a number of new formats – including Violet Crumble Nuggets and the new bunny snack, and the next logical step was to provide a dark bar and bag.
“We’re very fortunate to make all our products here in Australia, and as an independent, family-owned company to have the agility and flexibility to create new ways for people to enjoy them.”
The new dark chocolate range is available in Coles for RRP $4.40.

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